(II Kings 4:26)


   In this story of the Shunamite woman we see a woman of tremendous faith and spiritual insight. We can also see the same example of great faith in the story of one of the greatest gospel hymns ever written and composed, “It is well with my soul”. When most of us are asked “is it well with you?” can only say “it is well” when all is well with our health, our family, our finances, etc. Let's look at some reasons why we should be able to say “it is well” even when we are going through trials and valleys.



(Colossians 1:27)


   Philippians 4:6-7 We can have a sweet attitude and a peaceable spirit through troubled times.

   Psalm 23:4 We may be going through sorrow because of personal suffering or loss but we have the assurance that we are not walking through it alone.

   Philippians 4:13 We can have a strength within even though we may be weak on the outside.

   I Peter 5:7 We do not have to handle our problems by ourselves because He cares for us.

   Romans 8:28 We can have peace in that we know that nothing happens to us by coincidence.



(Romans 4:6-8)


   Ephesians 2:8-9 Our sins have been pardoned without having to count on our good works.

   Titus 3:5 Our sins have been pardoned without having to count on being humanly righteous and without deserving mercy from God.

   I John 3:2; 5:13 Our sins have been already pardoned so we don't have to wait and hope that we will make it to heaven and then maybe be pardoned.



(Ephesians 1:13)


   John 14:16-18 The Holy Spirit has been given to us to comfort us in times of trials, weakness and suffering. Jesus promised that we would not be left without Gods comfort.

   Romans 8:14 The Holy Spirit leads and guides us in the way that is right and holy.

   John 14:26 The Holy Spirit is our bible teacher. Without Him teaching the word, there would be no correct discernment of the scriptures.

   Romans 8:26 The Holy Spirit intercedes for us in times when we do not have the insight or knowledge what we should pray for.



(II Peter 1:4)


   John 3:14-15 We have the promise of salvation and eternal life over and over throughout the bible.

   James 2:5 We have the promise of an eternal inheritance that He has waiting for us in heaven.

   I Corinthians 3:14; 15:58 We have the promise of eternal rewards in heaven and in His Kingdom if we will serve Him while we have the opportunity in His church body on earth.