(II Corinthians 13:5)


   Assurance – to have confidence or conviction, a guarantee. - Webster.



(I John 2:19)


   Assurance by profession - Luke 8: 5, 6, 13 Some people take full comfort in a distant, sincere, and passionate profession of faith that happened decades ago in a bible camp or revival service. The problem here is that they rely on the past while forgetting or ignoring the present.

   Assurance by experience – II Corinthians 11:14-15 Some look back at a particular experience they had while in a service or a personal tragedy. Some look at a particular feeling or dream they have had.

   Assurance by works – Matthew 7:21-22 Some rely heavily on their good moral conduct and are convinced that surely they have a right to heaven simply due to them being so much better than others.

   Assurance by affiliation – John 8: 32-34, 39 Some are relying on their church or family affiliation to get them to heaven. Some just say “I believe in God just like my mother therefore I am a Christian.”

   Assurance by praying right – Luke 18: 10-14 Some feel secure and assured of heaven because they prayed exactly how the preacher, the counselor, or the bible tract told them to pray. The bible tract is not a magical formula that automatically signs a ticket to heaven for anyone. God looks at the heart.

   Assurance by refusal to doubt – II Corinthians 13:5 Some will refuse all sense and conviction of doubts regarding their relationship with God because some preacher or counselor told them that only Satan will put doubts in your mind about God and salvation.



(I John 5:13)


   Assurance by believing – I John 5:1 True believers have faith and trust in everything the bible teaches us about the Lord Jesus Christ. There is no picking and choosing doctrines about Christ.

   Assurance by practice – I John 3:9 The scripture refers to not 'practicing' or remaining in sin. There is a difference between one falling into sin and having conflict with it then repenting, and those that stay in sin with no conviction or repentance and never return to fellowship with God or believers.

   Assurance by lifestyle – I John 2:29 The idea is that those that are truly Christians will have some righteous characteristics (spiritual fruit - Galatians 5:22-23) that reflect our relationship with the Righteous One who lives in us.

   Assurance by love – I John 3:14 It is easy to be drawn to people who like the same things we like and are of the same personality etc. However, true believers want to be with other believers, want to fellowship and worship with other believers and love believers with a deep, sacrificial, spiritual love.

   Assurance by our stand – I John 5:4 If we are truly born again we will be willing to take a stand for God in any and all conflicting issues whether political, spiritual or personal. We will demonstrate our commitment to God through faith and our sacrificial attitude.

   Assurance by perseverance – I John 1:9; John 10:28-30 All that are truly saved are kept by God. There is no doubt that we will sin and some will fall for a time. However, those that belong to God will be disciplined and brought back to the fold or they will be taken home early (John 15:2). Those that leave the faith and don't return demonstrate that they probably “were not of us”.