(John 14:16-17)


   It could very well be that the song writer could have gotten it wrong when they penned “what a friend we have in Jesus.” Of course we know that Jesus is our dear friend, savior, redeemer and Lord. But He left this earth over two thousand years ago not to return again until we see Him in the Rapture. That's why He said that He and the Father would send the Holy Spirit to be with us. He is a friend too often ignored by those who are constantly in need of a friend.




  1. John 16:7-9 The Holy Spirit convicts us. Without Him on earth we would never have seen our need for a savior. No one would turn away from their sin in repentance and all would be lost.
  2. John 6:44 The Holy Spirit draws people to Himself. Most of us had the dumb idea that we were searching for God when in reality the bible tells us in Rom. 3:11 that “...there is none that seeketh after God.” No one runs after God, He is the one seeking us.
  3. John 14:26 He teaches us spiritual things. He opens our understanding of the scriptures and gives us the words to say when we are filled with the Spirit and are witnessing or preaching. It was the Holy Spirit that opened the heart of Lydia to the gospel message in Acts 16:14.
  4. Ephesians 1:13 He seals us permanently with God. The seal – (made secure, made sure) with which we are sealed is the stamp of ownership from God that becomes a finished and complete transaction into His family.
  5. II Timothy 1:14 He indwells us. The word dwelleth means – (to reside, to make one's home). The bible says that God does not dwell in temples made with hands. He lives within each of us.
  6.  John 14:16 The Holy Spirit comforts us. From our smallest sorrow to our deepest heartache He provides God's comfort and carries us through this life on earth.
  7. John 16:13 The Holy Spirit guides us. He helps us walk in the light instead of letting us fumble around in the darkness of this world. 
  8. Acts 1:8 Without the power of God through the Holy Spirit there would be no Acts 2 when Peter, being full of the Holy Ghost, preached that great message to the Jewish crowd and about three thousand people were miraculously saved.
  9. Romans 8:26 The Holy Spirit intercedes for us. When we are low and depressed, in sorrow and grief stricken, He talks to our heavenly Father for us using the exact thought process that is necessary. He gets through to our Father and gets answers for us when we need them the most.




Acts 5:3-4 He is God ; John 16:7-8 He is a person; I Corinthians 2:11 He has God’s knowledge; I Corinthians 12:9-11 He has a will; Romans 15:30 He has God’s love; Ephesians 4:30 He has the emotion of grief; Revelation 2:7 He speaks; John 15:26 He witnesses and testifies; Romans 8:14 He is a leader; Acts 16:6; 13:2; 20:28 He commands and directs the people of God.