(Judges 3:15...31)


Judges 5:6-7 Not much is known about Shamgar. From 3:31 we know that he was a farmer with great faith and courage. From 5:6-7 we can see that Israel was in dire straights during the time of Shamgar. The nation was being oppressed by both the Canaanites and the Philistines and they were afraid to travel the highways or even stay in their own homes for fear of the enemy.




   Philippians 4:13 God says that we can do it through Him. We can be sure that Shamgar did not think that he was going to kill six hundred warriors that day when the enemy came into his field. We use the excuse that “I am a nobody, I’m not charismatic, I am not a leader, I am not popular, I have no ability or talent.” Congratulations, you are just the person God can use. God doesn’t make giants out of people who think they are great personalities or have great abilities; He wouldn’t get glory from those folks.




A.    Judges 3:31 When God called Shamgar to take a stand against the enemy, Shamgar was busy farming and working hard to support his family. God always calls those that are already working, doing something, not hanging around doing nothing. Ephesians 2:10 tells us that we are saved to serve the Lord.

B.     Judges 3:31 Usually when the enemy came, most people would flee for their lives because their

 enemy was there to steal their crops, their money, and take some of them for slaves. However,

          there came a day when six hundred of the enemy came to the field where Shamgar was toiling

          with his oxen and God told him it was time for him to take a stand against the enemies of Israel

          and God had chosen him to show that God was raising up a warrior and a leader to motivate

          the nation and get them back serving their one true God. Just like God wanted Shamgar to take a

          stand, He wants us also to stand Ephesians 6:13. We need to take a stand for our families, our

          church, our country and those that are lost.

C.     Judges 3:31 God uses faith plus limited manpower. 1. Judges 7 (Gideon) 2. I Samuel 17 (David)

         3. John 6 (a little lad).

D.    Judges 31:3 God uses limited resources. Here he uses an Oxgoad which is a farmer’s implement

 for prodding oxen and digging the ground. 1. Numbers 22 (jack ass) 2. Judges 7 (army of 300) 3. I Samuel 17 (slingshot) 4. John 6 (5 loaves, 2 fish) 5. Jonah 1 (a prepared fish).   




A.    Judges 3:31 Start Where You Are. There is no record of Shamgar’s military experience. There is no record of him going through training with weapons or warfare strategy. He trusted God.

          I Timothy 6:12 We are told to fight the good fight. God has a job for everybody in His family

          and He expects us to do the job He calls us to do because He will do the job through us.

B.     Judges 3:31 Use What You Have. Shamgar only had an Oxgoad to fight with, along with God.

I Corinthians 12:4-14 What do you have for accomplishing God’s will for you? We all have something to offer to the ‘body’ of Christ. We need to add willingness, a desire and a little faith.

C.     Judges 3:31 Do What You Can. Shamgar didn’t know that he would kill 600 soldiers, he just knew that he was going to start swinging the weapon that was available.

John 21:6 The disciples toiled all night with familiar tools and got zero until God got involved.