Genesis 35:1-15

   From the time we first get saved we are on a personal spiritual journey that will ultimately lead to our eternal home. Somewhere between the starting point and the ending point, most of us go through many detours that try to mislead us down a path of destruction, that's when we need to go back to Bethel.



   Genesis 35:1 When Jacob was in trouble God tells him to go back to Bethel where God first spoke to him and where Jacob had vowed a vow to God. Between Gen. 28:20 and Gen. 35:1 Jacob got side tracked on his way to fulfill God's promises to him. What finally got his attention was the troubles.

   Hebrews 12:5, 11: Revelation 3:19 We have been warned several times in the bible that God will take care of His children and bring them into line when we stray away.



   Genesis 35:2-4 Jacob realizes that going back to Bethel means a major change in his families life style. He knows that if he is going to be blessed of God he and his family must repent of their sins.

   II Chronicles 7:14 The bible is clear in the Old Testament as well as the New Testament that God expects His people to be repentant toward Him before any blessings can be expected from Him.

   Luke 15:21 All the Prodigal son had to do was come to himself and realize that he had sinned and admit that to his Father and the blessings of the Father followed.



   Genesis 35:6 As the head of the family Jacob now shows the leadership and direction that God expects from Godly men. He is leading his people toward God. Compare his decision in chapter 35 with his leadership ability in the previous chapter 34.

   Ephesians 5:25; 6:4 Husbands and fathers are to have spiritual leadership skills that we get from God and our own Bethel experiences. Godly men are true leaders that will seek wisdom from God.



   Genesis 35:9-12 Because Jacob finally became obedient and he and his family repented God renewed the Abrahamic covenant with him and blessed him abundantly.

   II Corinthians 5:17-20 Because we are new creatures in Christ, God wants us to take on the responsibility to let the world around us know that God wants to reconcile with them. The word reconcile simply means (to restore friendly relations). God wants to have a friendly, loving relationship with sinners!



    Genesis 35:7, 14 Here we see that  Jacob realized that he was at a sacred place and remembered that God met with him here and he set up an alter and worshiped God.

   John 4:23-24 God is seeking worship from  His children; sacrifice, humility, adoration and sincerity from those that have been saved from sin unto life eternal by a all merciful God that loves sinners.