( Matthew 7:13-14 )




   John 1:1-8 Here we find the old familiar story of two men; one was a weird kind of religious nut living in the desert. He was telling people to repent and telling them about another man who was coming after him. The other man was the Messiah, the Creator of all things, the God man who was called the Word and the Light.

   John 1:9 The first tough question begins to be answered in this verse. I am reminded that the bible doesn't ever lie. I am also reminded that God is just, honest and merciful. If we look carefully at this verse it tells us that God “lighteth every man that cometh into the world.” This is a sample of what the bible says over and over again. God gives 'light' or evidence of Himself to every person ever born.

   John 3:16-19 We analyze and memorize verse John 3:16-17 but tend to ignore verses 18-19. God says that He loves the whole world, everybody, and wants everyone to repent and be saved (II Pt. 3:9). However, He continues in these verses to say that it is mans choice to receive or reject the 'light'.

   Titus 2:11 Here Paul writes under the inspiration of God that God's grace (unmerited favor of God) 

“hath appeared to all men.” Why don't people accept God for who He is and what He has done?

   Romans 1:18-20 God says that there is wrath for those that choose to ignore Him. The reason He says that is found in verse 19 where He says the knowledge of God is “manifest in them”. The word manifest carries the meaning of –(being clearly apparent, obvious, revealed, to demonstrate plainly) in other words there are many clear, revealed things that God has shown them in order for them to believe God and be saved. In verse 20 God tells us those things are so clear for them to see and to understand that they will be “without excuse”.

   Psalm 19:1; 97:6 The Old Testament tells us the heavens, the stars, and skies show us God's work.

   Matthew 6:26-29; Acts 14:17 In the New Testament God shows that all creation in the earth tells us of God's goodness, His grace, His love and His provision for the animals, the birds and for people.




   Galatians 5:7-10 Paul is explaining about judgment here, as do the other scriptures, regarding a pay day coming for those who will fight righteousness with sin. God will judge all sinners and they will “bear their judgment.”

   Matthew 11:20-24 Jesus was telling those listening that there will be more judgment for those that have seen His works than for those who did not see God’s miracles.

   Deuteronomy 25:1-2; Exodus 21:23-25 The Old Testament reveals the type of punishment that is handed out always is equal to the transgression.

   Luke 12:42-48; Hebrews 10:28-29 The New Testament also shows us that God is a just God who will punish and judge according to the transgressions of the sinner.

   Revelation 20:11-15 Here is the last judgment in the bible. The last resurrection brings all lost sinners to The Great White Throne Judgment. The scriptures are clear that every lost sinner will be “judged every man according to their works.” For the lost sinner, every evil thought, word and deed is being recorded and kept safe and secure for this last judgment.