(Luke 16:19-31)


   It's a fact that we never really stop learning. Some of the most interesting things we can learn usually come from someone, something, or someplace that we would never believe that we could learn from.

   Over the past several years there has been a noticeable decrease in the preaching and teaching about hell. Whether Christian or non Christian people don't want to talk about hell because it makes them uncomfortable. In Jesus first recorded sermon, (Mat. 5:22, 29) He preached about hell. As a matter of fact, He spoke about hell 53 different times. Let's look at some lessons we can learn from hell.




   Luke 16:23 As soon as the rich man died he realized where he was. He had no doubt about hell.

(1)   In 1991 a survey of Americans was taken which indicated that 49% of Americans believed in hell. However, the same survey indicated that only ½ of 1% believed that they would go to hell.

(2)   In 2006 almost half of all bible seminary students thought it unwise to preach about hell at church because they believed preaching on hell was “in poor taste.”

(3)   Decades ago the founder of the Salvation Army said if he had his way he would send his missionaries to hell for five minutes to motivate them to go out and warn people of hell.

(4)   Luke 16:23 The rich man immediately saw where he was, he recognized Lazarus, he knew he had made a terrible spiritual blunder, and he saw that he was in for a long, painful eternity.   





   Luke 16:24 We can see that the people in hell are in great agony and pain. Too bad Abraham could not do anything for the rich man when he was asked for help.

(1)   While we are still here on earth the church can do something about the hurting people all around us but most Christians choose to ignore the hurting people and their cries for help.

(2)   Galatians 6:10 There are people in our neighborhood, people in our church that are in a state of needing someone that would help them in their despair, in their pain, in their hurt but they are being ignored by the very people that God told to help them. People all around us need Christ.




   Luke 16:27-28 Even in his painful and lost condition, the rich man has compassion for his lost family and showed concern that his brothers might repent. Compassion is a lot like hell, people don't really want to talk about it because we lack the compassion that Jesus told us to have for others.

(1)   Luke 10:30-37 Most people are like one of the 'religious guys' from the Temple who were too busy and too much better than the poor unfortunate fellow in the gutter on his way to Jericho.

(2)   Luke 16:30-31 The people in hell have the capacity now to have the faith necessary to be saved. The rich man is concerned about the salvation of his brothers and begs for a witness.

(3)   Romans 10:13-15 The rich man in hell finally had the missionary attitude that if someone would just listen to God and go and witness and preach the Gospel people would be saved.

(4)   Why does it take a trip to hell for us to see our lack of faith, our lack of compassion, and our selfishness for ourselves. We must see the need  to help our brothers and sisters in the Lord and those relatives and friends all around us that need to be saved.