( Isaiah 64:1-2 )


   Revival - ( A restoration, a reawakening, a time of refreshing) Webster.

   Psalm 23:3; 51:12; Acts 16:23-25; Ruth 4:15 Revival can be as personal as it was for David, Ruth, and  Paul the Apostle.

   Joel 2:25-26; Isaiah 58:12; Psalm 85:4-6 Revival can be for a city, a state or a nation like Israel.




   John 3:16 The most quoted verse of scripture from the bible tells us how much God loves us.

   I Timothy 2:3-4 The message that Paul received from our Lord is that God wants everyone saved.

   II Peter 3:9 Peter explains the great promise from God of His patience and desire that every person should repent and be saved from their sin. He is not willing that any sinner go to hell.

   John 17:20-21 It is apparent that Jesus was not only concerned for those that knew Him when He walked here on earth but He is concerned about everyone that will hear and believe and trust Him.

   It is obvious through the scriptures that God does want revival and does all He can to bring it to pass.

The problem is that His people do not do all we can in order to see revival. Do we pray like we really want revival? Do we witness like we want revival? Does our attitude, our giving, our relating to one another indicate that we are willing to do whatever it takes to see real revival?




   Joshua 2:9-11 Soon after Joshua took the lead role in bringing the nation into the Promise Land God showed that revival could come into the land of the heathen when God is made known.

   Jonah 3:4-8 The story of Jonah and Nineveh shows us that the problem is not with the sinners but with the saints. We are too proud, stubborn, selfish and lazy to do what it takes to see God move.

   Acts 2:38-41; 3:12-15; 4:4 Here in the book of Acts we have the history of a great revival breaking out in the city of Jerusalem because of the preaching of Holy Spirit filled men.

   Acts 17:1-6 The unbelievers were not happy with the preaching of Paul and Silas but freely admitted that the Apostles and their message had “turned the world upside down.” Talk about revival!!

   Ezekiel 37:1-3 This famous exchange between God and Ezekiel begins with the question from God that really is asking the prophet this, “can I cause the nation of Israel to have a great revival?”




   Matthew 24:14 In speaking of the end times, Jesus tells us that finally, His gospel, the Gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world just before the end comes. The key is the preaching.

   Isaiah 27:6 This prophetic scripture is a sister verse to the chapter of (Ezekiel 37) regarding Israel.

   Revelation 7: 3-8 In John's vision he is allowed to see the sealing of the 144,000 Jewish preachers that will go throughout the world preaching 'the Gospel of the kingdom” ( Mt. 24:14). This begins the greatest worldwide revival ever witnessed on earth.

   Revelation 7:9 This verse gives us an idea of the millions that will be saved during great tribulation.


   Unfortunately it is highly unlikely that some great spiritual revival will happen world wide any time soon. It appears that generally speaking Christ's church is falling asleep. Our prayer and hope is that we as individuals and some of Christ's local churches are still alive and well and will continue to preach and witness for Christ until He comes.