( Mark 6:34-44 )


   Ever since this story has been penned, the importance of what Jesus said in these verses has been overshadowed by the immensity of the miracle of the feeding of the five thousand.




   Mark 6:34 We should first of all take notice that Jesus looked and saw a great multitude that caused Him to be moved with compassion. His compassion came from seeing people that at first were not in need of food to eat but they were in need of encouragement for their weary hearts and needful souls.

  1. John 10:11-15 He began to teach them many things including the fact of Him being the Shepherd of the sheep.
  2. John 21:15-17 Just before His went back to heaven Jesus commanded Peter to feed His sheep.
  3. Luke 9:10-11 Just as He would have us do, Jesus taught the people about salvation.

Matthew 23:15-16 The preachers of Jesus day were just as impressed by having great numbers as the preachers of today. Today pastors everywhere are trying to increase the numbers on Sunday morning at any cost. Money is spent on buildings, electronics, programs and sports equipment in order to get people to join their particular church. Jesus says the important thing is teaching doctrine and winning the lost souls that are on their way to hell.

Matthew 11:23-24 A teacher can help someone understand and receive salvation. A miracle cannot save anyone. More miracles were done in Capernaum than any other city yet they are condemned.

Remember that the anti-Christ will do many miracles in the tribulation period and deceive many.

Luke 10:17-20 We should beware of those who look for miracles or profess to be able to perform miracles. Jesus puts the priority on making sure of the most important thing and that is heaven.




   Mark 6:35-36 After being with Jesus for a great period of time before this story happened, Jesus had hopes that the disciples had begun to put human reasoning behind them but they were still immature. The professing church of today lives and operates within the realm of human reasoning and emotion.

   Mark 6:37 Jesus wasn’t using human reasoning when He told the disciples, “Give ye them to eat.” He fully expected them to feed the multitude by utilizing their faith but they resorted to human reasoning instead.

   Matthew 9:27-30 The disciples had witnessed several of Jesus miracles by this time and Jesus expected that they fully understood that miracles take faith. Here we see that our faith will be tested.

   Romans 1:17; II Corinthians 5:7 Whatever God asks us to do in service for Him will require us to utilize the faith that He gives us if our service will amount to anything at the Judgment Seat.


ORDER VS. CHAOS          


   Mark 6:39-40 Here is a lesson that is generally lost in this story. Jesus likes things done orderly. If the people would not have separated into the groups and made aisles between themselves everyone would not have been able to receive the blessings of the miracle food.

   I Corinthians 14:40 After giving advice and teachings regarding the church Paul tells them to be decent and orderly. How many blessings are lost during services because of not being orderly?

   II Kings 20:1 God not only wants our churches to be orderly but He also wants our homes, our spiritual life, our personal life, our relationships with God and man to be in order.