John 20:19-21 The words So send I you implies that every Christian is a missionary, and every soul without Christ is a mission field.  

   Genesis 2:16-17 Many biblical directives are not expressed to us in commands but in prohibitions.

   Exodus 20 A prime example of how we learn from prohibitions is the Ten Commandments.




   Matthew 20:25-28 To the lost or nun-spiritual person, it's all about becoming somebody, to get to the top. We want our house, our cars, our toys, our recognition. It's so easy to become arrogant, deceitful and ungrateful that we become unusable to God if we are saved. We expect our spouse to wait on us, we expect the waitress to hurry and serve us first. Jesus said we are not sent to be served but to serve.

   John 13:2-5, 13-16 We will never be able to fully represent Jesus to the lost if we are not willing to put on the apron of humility and serve in the lowest capacity for others in His name.

   I Peter 5:5 We are admonished by a mature Peter to serve one another and to be in subjection to each other in the form of humility because God resists ( prayers, needs) the proud. There are way to few Christians that God can use to get anything done because of the lack of a servants heart.




   John 6:38 There are too many Christians that are still chasing their own plans for a successful career and a future life of ease. Choosing the wrong occupation, the wrong spouse, the wrong church can put us in the wrong place with the wrong people leading to a destructive outcome. It should be NOT MY WILL BUT THINE OH LORD.

   I John 2:15-17 We must realize that there is nothing in this world and in this present life that matters more than doing the will of god in our lives. We search for “His peace”, we search for the “abundant life” and we will never find it in following our own plan and our own will, but only in His will.

   John 4:34 Jesus told the Apostles that “My meat is to do the will of Him that sent me...”.

   I Corinthians 3:2 The Apostle Paul told the Corinthian church that they will never be full grown, mature Christians as long as they continued to only feed on milk instead of meat (God's will).




   Luke 9:51-56 The disciples in this story represent the church in this present age. They were rebuked by Jesus because of their selfishness, their ambitions, their pride, their unbelief, and their false sense of spirituality. They had very hard hearts toward those that were lost but Jesus heart is soft toward sinners.

   II Corinthians 6:1-2 Paul exhorts the church to be mindful of the age of grace and understand that we are living in the time period that God wants to save and not destroy them that need the Savior.

   John 6:44 Those that are lost all around us must be loved and prayed for. If they do not experience the love of God through us how can the Holy Spirit draw them to Christ love and forgiveness. We must not have a harshness toward the lost. God looks at people as sheep. Yelling at sheep drives them away.




   John 3:17 To condemn is to disapprove, to censure, to wish death on someone.

   James 1:19-20 Mans anger does not promote the righteousness and love of God toward people.

   Romans 14:13; I Corinthians 4:5 We are sent to minister love and not judgment, that's God's job.