Matthew 25:14-30 In this parable, the context is about investing in God's program during the Kingdom. The spiritual application for us is the same. A talent was worth over $1,000 in our money.

Two of these servants invested wisely, the other foolishly did nothing with what was given to him. The two that invested wisely were handsomely rewarded while the foolish lost his everything.

   Luke 16:9-13 Last week we talked about the story of the unjust steward and how he made some wise decisions even though he was unjust in what he did initially. We can learn more about ourselves in these five verses of scripture than probably any other scriptures in the bible.

   Matthew 6:21  God is concerned on how we invest in His program. There are more than 250 verses in the bible speaking on our use of money. What does the bible say about what we could lose?




   Proverbs 8:18 Durable (means something that will last and never lose its value). Riches are bible  wisdom, fellowship with God, a pure heart toward God, a clean conscience, and heavenly rewards.

   Luke 12:16-21 The rich man in this story had his whole mindset on the things of this world and lost everything he had because God called him a fool for spiritually wasting his life.

   Psalm 37:4 Here is a wonderful promise from God for those that invest spiritually in the things that have eternal value: prayer, soul winning, church service, studying God's word, helping others, missions.




   Matthew 6:20 Money comes and goes, cloths wear out, our possessions grow old and rust out. The only things that will last are eternal things like obedience toward God, submission to His will, trusting His word when all seems bleak, and being a Godly witness to others for Christ, these are true treasures.

   Psalm 84:11 There are many promises like this one that we can claim if we are walking uprightly in the sight of God. Our spiritual walk is the summation of our daily investment in His program.

   I Timothy 6:17-19 Paul makes a charge (to instruct or command) to the young preacher to tell those that have more than others to be liberal in their giving toward those who are in need in order that they may have a good account in heaven at the Judgment seat of Christ.




   Ephesians 3:8 The word unsearchable means (not able to search or explore). The riches that are waiting in heaven for the Christian are more than we can understand if we will invest while on earth.

   Matthew 19:16-22 Here we see the story of the rich young ruler who was living a very decent, clean and moral life but was concerned for his eternal soul. He didn't even know that he had a deep spiritual problem that was keeping him from the spiritual peace that he was seeking after.

   I Corinthians 2:9-10 Of course if God had revealed in His word exactly what He has for those people that decide to invest their lives and all they have for His glory here on earth everyone would be falling over each other trying to do everything they can for God and his church program. But God has made it clear enough for those that will seek those things that are above more than the things of earth that if they will walk by faith they will be greatly rewarded.