There are two kinds of people that are talked about in scripture that we will probably not see much of in heaven. Jesus tells us the wise and the rich of this world will have the hardest time grasping the truths that are needed to be saved and end up in heaven with Him.




   Luke 10:21 Because of the pride of those that are wise in the world, God “has hid these things from the wise”.. Jesus is not against those that are intelligent, it is simply because great worldly wisdom brings about opportunities and with that brings also brings great danger.

   I Corinthians 3:20 The danger in worldly wisdom is that God sees that it has no understanding in spiritual matters.

   II Timothy 3:1-7 The wisdom of the world has not changed for thousands of years. The wise can rarely be trusted with divine revelation, they refuse to accept God's word by faith and instead rely on their wisdom and reason ending up abusing, ridiculing, and calling the things of God foolishness.

   Luke 19:47 Remember, the men who sought to destroy and kill Jesus were the college graduates, the lawyers, the wise men, the religious men of that day.

   I Kings 11:1-8 The greatest example of worldly wisdom getting out of control is King Solomon. Here we have a great, godly man that received the blessings of wisdom and understanding above all men that ever lived and he allowed that wisdom to overtake his spiritual wisdom and sinned greatly.




   I Timothy 6:10 We are often confronted with this verse regarding money. Of course it is not money that is evil but the constant thinking, scheming, and pursuing wealth and monetary gain that is the sin.

   Luke 18:18-25 Certainly one of the saddest stories in scripture is that of this rich young ruler who sought to have assurance of heaven through good works and keeping the commandments. He came to the  right source but Jesus saw that the young mans biggest problem was love of money instead of God.

    Luke 18:26-27 Those who were there listening to the conversation between Jesus and the rich young man seemed to lose hope and encouragement, then Jesus tells them the impossible is possible.




   Luke 19:1-2 Here we see exactly what Jesus was saying when He said that the impossible with man is possible with God. Zacchaeus was a wise and rich tax collector. He was hated because of his position but he had a change of heart and desired to not only see Jesus but to make things right with God.

   Luke 19:3-4 First, we see that he had the right kind of heart in order to seek the Lord (Jer. 29:13). Then we see that because he was hated there was no one that would help him but he didn't make excuses and miss his opportunity to see Jesus. Question: Are we helping someone to see Jesus or do we make excuses? He didn't blame other people or God for not helping him out or for being too short.

   Luke 19:4 God's plan for Zacchaeus was for him to make a spectacle of himself. He ran in his fine expensive robe and shoes to climb into a tree like a young child. Surely he would be ridiculed greatly. The wise and rich would never embarrass themselves like that just to meet with Jesus, too much pride.

   Luke 19:5-9 Here in these few verses we see the requirements for Zacchaeus to be saved, fruits of repentance, faith, and receiving Jesus as Christ.

   And so we see in this immortal story that one day two men met each other: one coming off a tree, the other man within a few days was to be on His own tree. Because of their meeting that day they would meet again and be united forever because Zacchaeus didn't miss his possibility with eternity.