(Matthew 10:16)


   Luke 16:1-8 The word 'wise' means- to have the power of discernment and the ability to judge what is right and what is wrong, to have the ability to act with anticipation of the future.

   In order to know what Jesus meant when He said that “the children of this world are wiser than the children of light” we must first understand the two categories of people He is speaking of. (1) the children of this world are those that are lost, (2) the children of light represent those that are saved.

   Matthew 7:24; 25:1-2 Jesus clarifies what He refers to as wise in these two parables. (1) What makes these people in these two parable wise in how they acted? (2) What made Jesus conclude that the dishonest steward was wise in what he did?

   Galatians 5:22-23 We as Christians teach, preach and try to live our lives within the fruits of the Spirit which is the right Christian thing to do regarding our relationships with people in this world.

   Luke 16:8  There is also a side within every believer that Jesus is referring to in this parable that is forgotten by most of us, and that is like the lost people of this world we must be realistic, shrewd, and tough minded as we relate to the everyday circumstances of our lives. Without the mental toughness that Jesus is talking about we can quickly become the doormats of our society and work place.




   Luke 16:8b What is Jesus saying about the wisdom of the world? How can we learn from the world? 

    (1) Business- They plan for the future- they take advantage of open opportunities- They study the changing environment around them- They know their product and how it meets peoples needs- They work hard to bring their product and people together.

    (2) Politicians- They make visits- They meet with people- They send letters- They make phone calls- They send gifts- They make themselves available.

   Proverbs 6:6 The example of the ant and the wisdom that we can learn from it was given to us for good reason. It sounds good to say “one day at a time” but it won't pay the bills 20 years from now.




   Luke 16:9 Jesus has commended the unjust steward in vs.8 for his wisdom in using his position and possessions to make friends before he is fired and becomes homeless and poor. Jesus is now telling us  here that it would be wise for us also to learn the lesson of making friends for our future.

   Luke 16:4-7 What did this dishonest steward do that Jesus said was the wise thing to do? How did he use “mammon of unrighteousness” (money) in such a wise way that Jesus tells us to learn from him?

    (1)He had control of money for a short time that was not his own, it all belonged to his master.

    (2) All that he had was going to be taken away from him.

    (3) He knew that he had a short time to prepare for his future.

    (4) He provided for his future using money that wasn't his to make friends that would take him in.

   Luke 16:9 Jesus is telling us that we should understand exactly how this unjust steward used the wisdom of the world to get ready for what he was about to face.

   Philippians 4:17 We can make friends by using our resources like the Philippian church people did as they supported Paul throughout his ministry.

   II Corinthians 9:7 As we give our money to missions and others that we may help in their time of need, we are using God's money to make friends that will be waiting to welcome us into heaven and to thank us for caring for people we never met here on earth but will be in heaven because of our help.