Genesis 4:1-2


   If these two boys came to our school and became well acquainted with teachers and students, we would be shocked to learn that they came from the same parents. We would assume that one was probably the offspring of Godly parents who taught their boy Christian character and the family never missed a church service. The other we would imagine was a child from un-believing parents that did not teach their son manners, self-control or religious values.




   Genesis 4:1 We learn that Cain was the first, recognized person born of woman. He was their first and probably thought to be the “promised seed” of (Genesis 3:15). Eve was happy and excited to have a son to raise for the Lord.


   Galatians 6:7 Little did she realize that this precious little boy would grow up and serve the same serpent that sent her from the Garden of Eden. Her wows and the wows of the world had just begun.


   Genesis 1:2 There is a hint in this verse that tells us that Cain probably was not suppose to be “a tiller of the ground.” The way both boys and their occupations are presented to us is quite revealing.


   Genesis 4:3-5 It is obvious in these verses that Cain had been taught the right way to bring his sacrifice or offering to God either by his parents or by the Lord Himself. God was still communicating to this family by verbally talking with them. The offering Cain submitted to God for his worship was not an acceptable offering. Cain's anger and pride (Prov. 14:12) got in the way of doing what's right.


   Isaiah 66:3; Philippians 4:18 The bible is clear about the fact that there are acceptable and unacceptable offerings to the Lord. Cain had violated the principles of an acceptable offering.


   Genesis 4:6-7 Here we see the goodness and mercy of God toward the sinner. God wanted Cain to make it right and to get hold of the sin problem and all would be well.


   Genesis 4:8 The total depravity of man in his anger and in his un-repentant attitude toward God and them that love God is shown in Cain's murder of his own brother.




   Genesis 4:2 We see that Abel was born and grew up to be “a keeper of sheep.” There are many 'pictures or shadows' all through the story of these two sons. One of the best 'pictures' is that of Abel  is the first shepherd mentioned in scripture. Look down the corridors of the Old Testament and we can see that the greatest characters in the O.T. were shepherds; Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, David, all leading up to the Great Good Shepherd of John 10:14.

   Genesis 4:4 In Abel's sacrificial offering we find that he brought the 'firstlings of his flock which was the firstborn. He also brought the best sheep from his flock which were called “of the fat thereof.” The scripture then makes it clear that God was pleased with Abel's offering.


   Hebrews 11:4 There are several things that took place when Abel brought his offering to the Lord. (1) We see he exercised 'faith' in his offering. Abel realized that in order to live something had to die. 

(2)We see that Abel's heart was right with God because he gave the first and the best of the flock.

(3)We can see that  Abel was attempting to worship with the offering and his worship pleased God.

   It is important for us to learn the lessons of Cain and Abel because the story makes the Hebrews Hall of Faith in order for God's people to see what Abel did right so we can worship and give the right way.