Worry- Mental distress, agitation, anxiety, stress-- Webster


(1) Philippians 4:6 Worry is disobedience. God tells us to not worry about anything, or what He is saying is “Stop worrying about everything.” Yes, it is hard to do but God said we can do it.

(2) Matthew 6:30-31 Worry is unbelief. What we are saying when we constantly worry and fret is that “I do not believe that God will take care of this situation.” Worry and trust cannot live in the same space. When worry comes in, trust has already left the building.

(3) Matthew 6:25-26 Worry doesn't make any sense. We see here that Jesus is comparing our life and our body to food and clothing. Then He compares us to the birds of the air. What Jesus is saying to us is this; when we worry about these things we are really saying to God, “The God who has given me this body and this life to live is unable to give me food and clothing.” If God has given us life and a sound body will He not also give us the necessities of life? (Phil. 4:19).

(4) Matthew 6:27 Worry cannot do anyone any good. Worry can look at problems but can never solve them. The word 'stature' has two different meanings. It can mean “age” or it can mean “how tall a person is”. We can't add an inch to our height or one minute to our life span.


(1) Matthew 6:34 God knows that the burden of tomorrows cares add to much to the load of troubles we face today, it is too much for us to bear. We must put all our energies into solving today’s problems today and then handle tomorrows issues tomorrow.

(2) Proverbs 6:6, 8; Matthew 6:34 God tells us that it is never wrong to plan for tomorrow today, but it is always wrong to worry about tomorrow today.

(3) James 4:14; Proverbs 27:1 The main thing about worry is that it is always a concern and anxiety about the future. We are worried about what might happen tomorrow or the next day etc. The problem with that is we do not know or do we have a promise of tomorrow.

(4) I Peter 5:7 The word 'casting' means “to throw something upon something or someone else.” We are to “throw our worries, our troubles onto Jesus.” We often do give Him SOME of our cares, but He tells us to cast ALL our cares (worries) on Him. He knows we cannot do it.

(5) Luke 12:6-7 Jesus has given us many examples in the Gospels how much God loves us and cares for us. If every sparrow that falls has the attention of God Almighty isn't it logical that He cares enough about us to take our cares and worries upon Himself? Five sparrows = ˝ cent???

(6) Matthew 10:30 There are an average 140,000 hairs on our head. God knows exactly how many hairs we have every day. How often to we take into account how many hairs we have?
If God is concerned enough about the number of hairs we have, why can't we trust Him with our worries and cares when He tells us that He will take them voluntarily from us.

(7) Mark 4:36-40 Believers today are just like the believers in Jesus day, we chose to believe that Jesus doesn't care or is oblivious of our problems. What was the disciples real problem?
The problem they had is the problem we have, where is our faith??