Acts 1:3-8 As we review these verses we can understand what, how, and why the Apostles lived and acted the way they did during the next 15-20 years after the ascension of the Lord Jesus.


   Acts 1:3,6; Luke 22:29-30 Comparing these two sections of scripture we can be assured that the Apostles were thinking about the most important thing in the world to them and that was The Kingdom.


   Acts 2:1-12 As we look at these verses we can say with assurance that most Christians miss-interpret these verses because they read Gentiles into the group that was at this gathering. Remember, there were about two million Jews that came out of Egypt around 1,500 BC. Around 712 BC the Assyrians captured and took away ten tribes of Israel into slavery. About 100 years later the Babylonians captured and enslaved the other two tribes of Israel. In 536 BC some were allowed to go back to Israel from but only around 42,000 chose to return (see Ezra 2:64). We can see here the Jewish dispersions.


   Acts 2:16-36  In these verses we see that Peter was talking to the Jews only (vs. 22,36). We also see that Peter fully expected the tribulation period to begin right away and then Jesus would come and set up the Kingdom (vs. 19-20). This expectation of the Kingdom would have come to pass if “all the house of Israel” (vs. 36) would have believed the Gospel Peter was preaching (vs. 38) “every one”.


   Acts 3:19-26 These verses show the intent of Peter to preach the Gospel of the kingdom to the Jews only, and he once again tells them that after God raised up Jesus, He sent Jesus to bless them in “turning away every one” from their iniquities and if they did turn away the Kingdom would be set  up.


   Acts 6:1 A misconception of this verse is that the “Grecians” in this verse are Gentiles. The proper Greek translation of “Grecians” is “Hellenistes” which means Grecian Jews.


   Acts 8:1 Even with great persecution the Apostles still would not leave Jerusalem. Why haven't they started to obey the Great Commission of Matthew 28:19 ? Because they knew the prophecies of the Old Testament revealed that the Messiah would return before Israel went to be a blessing to the nations.


   Acts 8:5-12 We see Philip preaching to the Samaritans (not Gentiles, mixed Jewish relationships). See what his Gospel was in (vs. 12), believe in the Kingdom, the name of Jesus Christ, baptism.


   Acts 8:27 Here we see another probable misunderstood portion of scripture. Many teach and believe that the Ethiopian eunuch was a Gentile coming to worship. Remember, hundreds of thousands of Jews had been scattered away from Israel over a thousand years earlier. Also, remember Jews of the Old Testament such as, Joseph, Moses, Daniel, and Nehemiah who did not live in Jerusalem but were in service to those who enslaved them at the time. Also, this eunuch had come to Jerusalem just like thousands of Jews from all other nations (Acts 2:5) because the men had to come to worship on the high feast days ( Passover, Pentecost, Trumpets, Tabernacles) based on the Law of Moses.


   Acts 10:14-17 Here we see the vision to Peter about going to Cornelius house (a Gentile) to preach and win him to the Lord. We see the distaste that Peter has for the Gentiles but relents and goes.


   Acts 11:26 This is the church where Paul and Barnabas stayed teaching them for over a year. This church which was first to be called Christians is a 100% Jewish church ( see 11:19-20).

  Acts 22:1-23 Here we see Paul the Apostle at Jerusalem giving his testimony to the Jews as he is being arrested. They are having a fit and want to kill him because he told them that Jesus told him to go to the Gentiles. Remember, this is Jerusalem where the other 12 Apostles have been for the last 15-20 years after Christ ascension ( see Gal. 1:18; 2:1-2, 7-9).

   Acts 21:17-26 Here we can see scriptures that are unexplainable and which I have never heard taught.


   Acts 9:15; Rom. 1:1, 13-16; 11:13; I Cor. 9:1 Where should we, the Gentiles get the right Gospel?


   Galatians 2:16 Paul preached Justification (legally not guilty) by faith in Jesus Christ.


   Acts 20:28 Paul preached that we have been purchased by the blood of Christ.


   Galatians 1:4; 2:20 Paul preached that Christ took our place in order that we might be saved.


   Acts 20:11 Paul preached repentance toward God to everyone, the Jew and the Gentile.


   I Corinthians 15:1-4 Paul preached the saving Gospel of Christ, the death, burial and Resurrection.