From Abraham, through the Old Testament, during Christ's earthly ministry, and during the book of Acts, with very few exceptions, God dealt mostly with the nation of Israel. Most assuredly the Gospel message is the most important message that must be told to the world. Which Gospel is the right one?

   In order to find out the answer to the Gospel question we will take a three or four week tour of the following: (1) The Kingdom Program (2) Christ's Earthly Ministry (3) The Acts Of The Apostles. 



   Genesis 12:1-3 Around 2000 BC, about 350 years after the great flood, God chose one man out of all the people on the earth from whom He would make a special group , (nation) of people. In these verses we can see that God had all the nations of the world in mind, but also had a special, single nation in mind that He would use in order to reach all the nations of the world.

   Genesis 12:7 When Abraham had reached the land of Canaan (The Promised Land), God made a covenant with Abraham saying that He would give the land to Abraham’s seed.

   Genesis 26:1-6 Several years after Abraham was blessed with a son, Isaac, God renewed the covenant that He had with Abraham with Isaac.

   Genesis 28:10-15 The covenant is renewed once again to the son of Isaac who God renamed from Jacob to Israel. The nation of Israel are the descendants of Jacob.



   After the nation of Israel had been in slavery for hundreds of years, God called Moses to lead the nation out of Egypt and gave them “The Law” to live by. Forty years later, they entered into the land of Canaan which had been promised to their ancestor Abraham hundreds of years before.



   Isaiah 9:6-7 Over the course of time God would speak to His people the Jews through various prophets. In Isaiah, some 750 before Christ, we see the promise of a future King and Kingdom on earth.

   Zechariah 2:10-11 We can take note of the fact that at the time of this writing, (around 520 BC), that there were not many nations joined unto the Lord, but there is coming a time when God will be joined on earth with his people that there will be “Many nations joined to the Lord”.

   Zechariah 8:3 This verse verifies that this chapter is dealing with the time period after Jesus returns to the earth and He will be in the city of Jerusalem.

   Zechariah 8:13 This verse, some 500 years BC, tells us that Israel will remain despised by the nations until the Kingdom of Jesus is set up.

   Zechariah 8:20-23 These verses tell us that the people of the world will be coming into the city of the King during His Kingdom to seek the Lord in worship and praise.

   Micah 4:1-2; Isaiah 2:2 Speaking about the last days going into the Kingdom we see that the Old Testament corresponds with scripture from Revelation 21:23-26 as the nations come to see the King.



   God promised the people of Israel a Land, a King, and a Kingdom. Their nation was to eventually become a nation of priests (Exodus 19:5-6; Revelation 20:4-6) that would bring salvation to the Gentile nations. It was no mystery for the Jews in the Old Testament regarding these matters. The mystery was that they would revolt and refuse to accept their King when he came and a waiting period of over 2,000 years would transpire before Jesus would come to set up His Kingdom. As we will see next week, during Christ's earthly ministry, His people would once again be fooled regarding the Kingdom, and the Gospel message.