(Revelation 6:1-8)



(Matthew 24:3)


   The bible gives us many prophetic signs that should warn us of the coming of the end of this age of grace and the second coming of the Lord. Jesus gave several signs that we can look at, Paul gave at least two signs, and the Prophets gave several throughout the Old Testament.

   God gave us the bible and repeatedly warned us to study ALL the bible and promised that His children would be able to understand all that He wanted us to know. Prophecy is part of His Book.




   Revelation 6:1-2 The identity of this horseman has two thoughts by bible commentators and historians. One thought is that it is Christ because of the white horse and crowns that Jesus has when He returns in Rev. 19. To save time and argument, this is a false interpretation because the events that are in this chapter are events that preclude Christ's return, and also, Christ is the one opening the seals.

We hold the position that this rider is none other than the Anti-Christ. Notice, (1) He rides a white horse- This is used in scripture to identify a leader or conqueror. (2) A crown is “given” to him- this indicates that he had a high position that was “given” to him. (Rev. 13:7) He's elected or appointed king or head of state. (3) He goes forth to conquer. He goes out into the earth with all intention to conquer and gain victories. (4) He carries a bow without arrows. The Anti-Christ is identified as having weapons but does not have them with him because of the lack of arrows. He does not use force to conquer; he uses political savvy and diplomacy. (Compare with Mat. 24:4-5; II Thess. 2:8-10).




   Revelation 6:3-4 The rider of the red horse “was given power” by God to take peace and kill many on the earth through wars. This rider will defy all the aspirations of those who thought and attempted to construct a peaceful, humanistic world without repentance toward God. Those of us in the western world are being lulled to sleep while the rest of the world becomes more and more radicalized through “Jihad” and “Shariah Law” along with worldwide terrorism. God will not allow the “Age of Aquarius” or any state of utopia to exist without full repentance and acknowledgement of His supremacy. Compare (Matthew 24:6).




   Revelation 6:5-6 The rider on this horse is holding a pair of balances in his hand. The balances are a symbol of economics and commerce. The phrases he uses pertaining to the price of food tells us that there is coming a time when food will not only be scarce in our third world countries, but everyone will understand what it really means to be hungry. The horse’s color black indicates that famine and pestilence are with the rider and the indication is that the whole world is in deep poverty and want. Compare (Matthew 24:7), Notice also what Jesus says in (Matthew 24:8).




Revelation 6:7-8 Notice that this rider is followed, he is not alone. What happens is the accumulation of the first three horses comes to fruition by these two. The effect of false religion, wars, famine and pestilence leads to total destruction and death. One quarter of the earth’s population is destroyed.