( Galatians 5:7 )


   Throughout the Bible we are continually encouraged to fight the good fight, keep on keeping on, and to take a stand for God no matter what. The reason we are exhorted to keep on running the race is that there are so many things that distract us, trip us up, and cause us to stumble while we are trying to run.




   Nehemiah 4:7-12; Psalm 73:2-3 All through the Bible we can see examples of great men and women of God fall into the biggest pit the devil puts in our path, discouragement.




   Matthew 13:22; 19:16-22  How many times do we see that people, including Christians, are stopped from serving God and following the Lord because they are not willing to put God first in their lives.

   II Timothy 4:10 Paul gives us testimony of a man that had been a friend and a fellow laborer with him in the Gospel. Demas couldn't forgo the lure of what he had left behind and gave up his reward.




   Matthew 17:19-20 Apparently the Apostles where relying on their position, their new reputation, and not on their faith in Christ when they were faced with a difficult task.

   Mark 4:36-40 Here we see a great example of those that believe that are put into a great trial of testing after they have been told and assured of what would happen but they do not rest in faith.




   Luke 9:59-62 Not once but twice Jesus tells us that we cannot let our family interfere with our mission for Him once we have decided to follow Him and serve Him. Family can be a hindrance.

   Mark 10:28-30 Jesus once again lets Peter know that if we are to serve Christ and obey the great commission, we will have to sacrifice friends, family and relationships in order to be disciples.




   Hebrews 12:1 We are warned by the author that each of us has particular sin or sins that “harass, and impede” our spiritual progress in running our personal spiritual race, thus becoming a hindrance.

   I Peter 2:11 Peter admonishes us to keep ourselves clear of “the lust of the flesh” because the flesh “wars against the soul” and can be a hindrance both to ourselves and those around us.




   Malachi 2:7-8 The prophet is clear that the spiritual leaders are to speak the truth of God's word because he is God's “messenger”, then we see that the messenger has caused many to stumble.

   II Timothy 4:3-4 Some four hundred years after Malachi, Paul tells Timothy that there will come a time when people will decide not to follow “sound doctrine” and will gladly listen to false teachers.