( Luke 15:25-31)


   Luke 15:31 The words of the text verse is all to familiar to us all. The elder son has complained and murmured against his father saying that his father has not treated him fairly in life. But as we will see,  although he had been gracious and loving with the prodigal, we can see a revelation of the father's love far more wonderful in what he says to the elder son.

   This parable given to us by Jesus shows us (1) the high privilege of every believer. (2) The low experience of many believers. (3) The way of restoration for us.




   Hebrews 13:5 We have the promise of never ever having to be alone. He, Almighty God is with us through thick and thin. He is always as close to us as He was when we said yes to His invitation.

   Matthew 11:28-30 Not only is He always present with us but if we let Him He will give us rest from all our anxieties and our problems.

   Hebrews 1:14 God in His mercy has issued a proclamation to the angels that they will be assigned to each and every person that will become believers, and they, the angels will be ministering to our needs.

   Hebrews 4:14-16 Our God and Father has made it possible for us to come to Him with all our sorrows and griefs where He has made the promise of never ending mercy and grace when we need it.

   John 1:12 Each person that receives Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior becomes a child of God.

   Romans 8:17 We as believers have become heirs of God, and joint heirs with our Lord Jesus Christ.




   Luke 15:28-29 Although the elder son had 'served' his father “these many years”, his service was not a service of love for family but a service of drudgery, necessity and obligation. Thus, the anger and jealousy instead of happiness and joy when his father showed love and compassion for his brother.

   Matthew 6:24-33; Philippians 4:19 God has promised to take care of our physical needs if we will love Him and put Him as our #1 priority. The elder son is a picture of a carnal believer who has not put God first but still thinks they deserve God's blessings.

   I Corinthians 10:10; Philippians 2:14-15 We are exhorted by Paul throughout his Epistles not to murmur as the Jewish nation did because God will not bless those that just murmur and complain.

   John 10:10 When we have the right relationship with God we can have a life that is much more abundant than the lost person. The key to the abundant life for the elder son is that of his poor relationship with the father, he didn't experience “all that the father had” because his heart wasn't right.

   Psalm 23 When we truly understand the great Psalm of David, we realize what our position is with the great Shepherd of the flock. The elder son could not see his position in his fathers house.




   John 13:34-35 Jesus has commanded that we love one another. The elder brother first had to realize that his heart not only wasn't right with his father but was not right with his brother either.

   II Chronicles 7:14 The elder brother needed to have a humble attitude and confess his sinful condition and pray for forgiveness in order to be  restored at home.