(John 4:1-30)




   John 4:1-4 Notice that Jesus didn't say that he wanted to go or that it would be nice to go through Samaria, but He said that “He must needs go through Samaria”. It wasn't the easiest or the shortest route to Galilee. It actually was a place that Jews did not go because they disliked Samaritans a lot.

   Acts 10:25-28 As Jesus gave us the greatest example, so Peter also gives us the Christian example that even though we might have to leave our comfort zone, there are places that “we must needs go”.

   II Corinthians 5:14 Paul was “constrained” (compelled, had a zeal, he must) to preach and witness for Jesus Christ and to win souls for Him no matter where he was sent.




   John 4:5-6 Jesus went to a city in Samaria because He knew that there was a well there and a woman who was a sinner came there often to get water for her household.

   Luke 14:23 God wants us to go and get the sinners in our “Samaria” and bring them into His fold.

   Luke 10:33-34 Jesus continues to give us example after example of going wherever the sinners are and bringing them to Jesus.

   **** Notice that the lost sinners do not come by themselves, we must go where they are****




   John 4:7-12 Jesus begins to enter a conversation with the lost woman about spiritual things. She begins to make excuses but He does not get side tracked and continues to talk about God's gift.

   Luke 14:16-20 Lost people have always made excuses to why they will not get saved immediately.

   Matthew 25:44 Those that are called to take the message also have always had excuses as to why they don't have time or don't really see the needs of other people to be saved.

   Exodus 3:11 Even the great warriors of the Bible have made excuses as to why they can't go.  




   John 4:15 The woman seems to be agreeing and understanding somewhat that Jesus is offering her something that will help her from having to come to the well every day so she asks for what He is willing to give her. The problem is that she is looking at a “prosperity gospel message” that will help her out of her current trouble. “Easy believism”, looking for a quick response, saying a quick prayer,

“just ask Jesus in your heart” is not what true salvation is.

   John 4:16-26 Jesus shows us that the sin problem must be dealt with in order to have a true salvation experience, a real, genuine conversion.

   II Peter 3:9 The issue of true repentance must a part of every salvation message if we are to present the gospel in a correct manner. People have been baptized, joined the church, taught Sunday school, gave tithes and offerings and were not truly saved because they did not truly turned away from sin.




   John 4:28-30 When a person is truly saved they are a “new creature” and will share their new life.

   Mark 5:1-20; John 1:35-41 A true new believer will share their new life and love with family first.