Psalms 78:1-72 The writer of this Psalm has gathered for us a wealth of historical evidence to show the foolishness, disloyalty, and disobedience of the people of God. This particular account is written no doubt for the benefit of every person who will take the time to read this portion of God's word. We must take note of one verse in particular, and that is (vs. 41): “Yer they turned back and tempted God, and limited the Holy One of Israel.”

   II Chronicles 7:14 The problem regarding limiting God is not because of the lost world, the atheist, the agnostic, the infidel or apostate. The problem is with God's people, (Psalms 78:1).




   John 14:15 We limit God the same way Israel limited God in (Psalms 78:10) through disobedience.

The fundamental condition that God gives everyone is that if we expect God to act on our behalf we must be willing to do what He says to do.

   John 15:5, 7-8 Jesus has said that we are to abide (remain , reside) in Him and in doing so we will be able to bring forth much fruit and have something to offer Him at the Judgment Seat of Christ.

   James 5:16 We limit God because our prayer life is shallow, brief, selfish and not Holy Spirit powered. We give up to soon and our motives and desire lacks faith and confidence in God.

   I Corinthians 10:31 We limit the blessings of God because our daily walk does not center around the Lord but basically centers on making sure we stay in our personal comfort zone without any hassles.

   Malachi 3:8-10 We limit God for meeting our needs by not trusting Him with our basic finances.

   II Corinthians 9:6 We limit God from giving us financial blessings in abundance by not believing that it is our responsibility to take care of His people on the mission field.




   Mark 6:1-6 We limit God every day from blessing His people because of unbelief. In our text verses in Psalms 78:22, 32 we can see that God's people have always had this problem.

   Matthew 17:14-21 The disciples of Jesus had the same problem for a long time dealing with absolute trust in Jesus Christ and the power of faith.

   Luke 24:11 When we are frustrated when a lost person has a problem believing and trusting the Gospel message we should remember that the disciples that walked and lived with Jesus had the same unbelief problem that many have today.




   Psalms 78:36-37 Just like the nation of Israel, when we talk the talk but don't walk the walk we limit God from working for us in any way.

   Matthew 7:21 There are millions who think that because they have the right language and go to church on Sunday morning that all is well with their soul.

   Titus 1:16 Many profess to be saved and say that all is well between them and our Lord, however, they have no good Godly works that show through their daily activities that they really belong to God and show concern for God's people or lost souls. (Mt. 7:20)   “ their fruits ye shall know them”.


   *** Psalms 139:23-24 We don't need to look at problems someone else might have that could be limiting God from working for us or our church. We need to look personally inward to fix the problem.