( I Samuel 17:29 )



  We see in this early introduction of David a man who truly loves God and loves God's people. David had a zeal for God that allowed him great courage and a great faith  in God that others envied. He was willing to attempt great things for God because of his strong faith in God. 




   Numbers 25:10-13 The zeal (enthusiasm) for God by  Phinehas the priest shows a respect and fire in the belly type attitude for God that God wants all of us to have for the cause of Christ.

   Joshua 14:6-12 Caleb knew that he was not only serving Moses but he was serving God. His faith never wavered even after 40 years waiting in the desert.

   Philippians 1:20-21 Once Paul was saved, his entire life and example to all the churches was that he gave 100% of his life for the cause of Jesus Christ.

   Hebrews 9:27 The greatest cause that we could rally unto is that Jesus died to save sinners from having to face eternal hell at the Great White Throne Judgment. 




   I Corinthians 1:30-31 The glorious cause that we have taken up is the redemption, sanctification, and wisdom that lost sinners can get when they put their faith in our glorious Jesus Christ.

   II Corinthians 5:14-21 Paul wrote to this church of the constraining (compelling, necessary) love he had for Christ. He goes on to say that because Christ died for us we have been reconciled and have been made ambassadors for Christ to give all people a chance to be reconciled also to Christ.

   Romans 12:1 Because of what God has done for us through Christ, Paul tells us that it is the basic responsibility of every Christian to submit our life to the glorious King of Kings in order that He might use us for His purpose.




   John 7:40-43; 9:16  The Lord Jesus Himself caused a division among the nation of Israel.

   I Peter 2:6-8 To those of us that have received Christ He is precious, but to those that do not know Him as Savior He is a stumbling stone and they are offended by Him and those that love Him.

   Matthew 10:34-39 Jesus said Himself that He would bring division between family and friends because of Himself. Many Christians refuse to witness and be a strong testimony based on embarrassment because of what their family or friends might think if they take a stand for Christ.




   I Samuel 17:28 Just as with David, there will be family and friends that ridicule and mock you.

   Matthew 11:16-19 Both John and Jesus were ridiculed by their generations which envied both.

   I Corinthians 9:24-27 To be zealous for the cause of Christ means striving for a crown. It means sacrifice, self-control and the never ending pursuit of doing good and doing right.

   Luke 14:26-29 The Lord was very open and plain about the cost of being a disciple for His cause.