Mark 4:1-35 Jesus had sat down by the sea side with a multitude of people gathered to hear Him. After a long sermon where He taught them in parables, He decided that it was time to take those that  would go with Him “to the other side” to do what He was commissioned to do. In Isaiah 61:1-3 we see what the Lord was to do throughout His earthly ministry. This lesson is about three important issues that we find in this true story: (1) the multitude, (2) those that would go, (3) the other side.




   Mark 4:1-2 Who are the multitude? The multitude in this story have been with us since Genesis chapter three. They are the people who are willing to listen but not ready to respond. Some are just spectators, some are followers but few are leaders. They are those that receive seed by the wayside, or on stoney ground, or receive it in the briars. Some are sincere but bring forth little or no fruit and will never be willing to “go to the other side”. Notice that Jesus had to send them away before He told the few that would go the mission and business that needed to be done on “the other side”.

   Exodus 32:1-4 It was the “multitude” with the people of God that lost their confidence and faith in God that so quickly led them into idolatry.

   Numbers 16:1-3 It was the multitude within the congregation of God's people that rose up against God's man Moses and caused strife and dissension within the ranks of the people.

   Numbers13:30-33 Though a few wanted to go “to the other side” the multitude of God's people lost faith in God's promise and forgot all His miracles that they had seen in and out of Egypt.




   Matthew 28:19 Jesus commanded us to “go to the other side” and preach and teach His Word.

   John 13:13-17 Jesus taught us that He is our leader and our example and we are to “go to the other side” and help serve others. Being His servant takes faith, humility, work and sacrifice to be effective.

   John 8:31 Jesus tells us that if we are to be His disciple, we must know His Word and obey the Word because by doing so we will be free to “go to the other side” and do His work.

   John 15:7-8 Those that qualify to “go to the other side” will be those that are abiding in Christ and bringing forth much fruit.




   Mark 5:1-20 (Isaiah 61:1) To proclaim liberty to the captives. This man had been held captive of the devil for many years. Jesus came across from “the other side” to free him and make him a witness.

   Mark 5:25-34 (Isaiah 61:2) To proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord. This poor woman had been bound for many years as well. For her this was the Lord's acceptable year to heal her and bring vengeance upon the evil one for what he had done to her.

   Mark 5:22-24;35-43 (Isaiah 61:3) To appoint unto them that mourn in Zion, to give unto them beauty for ashes. Remember that Jairus daughter was first sick and then died while he and Jesus were on their way to see her. Jesus gave Jairus first comfort and then He gave him back his daughter.

   John 4:4-7 It is not always popular or comfortable to “go to the other side” where God sends us.

   Acts 16:6-10 God will sometimes re-direct those that are willing to go “to the other side”.