May 22, 2011


   The universe operates according to certain natural laws; biology, geography, chemistry and physics. These laws that govern the universe don't really care whether we believe in them or not. If we challenge the law of gravity and dive off a building because we think we can fly, we will experience  exactly what the law of gravity demands, which means it will be the last time we try to fly.

   Galatians 6:7-10 There is not a more telling or important Spiritual law in the Bible than that of sowing and reaping. Ignoring God's laws can be just as disastrous as ignoring the law of gravity.




   Nothing comes without effort. Nothing comes into existence in and of itself. This is true in the natural world and in the Spiritual world.

   John 3:16 In order for us to have the opportunity to be saved, God made a tremendous effort in order to provide a way that we might reap the harvest of salvation.

   Ephesians 6:7-8 God has made us the promise that when we do good to others, God will reward us with the same goodness that we have sowed to them.

   I Corinthians 3:14 Here we have God promising that if we will make an effort and do good works while we are here on earth, we will be rewarded at the Judgment Seat of Christ.

   Psalms 126:6 The promise in this verse is obvious. We can have great joy if we will sow God's Word.




   Galatians 6:8 This principle is all through the Bible. When we sow the seeds of an apple we don't expect to harvest blueberries. The law is a natural law and there is also a Spiritual law of the same.

   Genesis 1:11-12; 24-25 This same principle is seen in the creation of the earth in respect to all living things whether we are talking about plants, animals, or human beings.

   Job 4:8 Here we see that sowing Spiritual wickedness and sin will bring a harvest of the same kind.

   Joel 3:13 This is the sister verse to Revelation 14:15 as we see that wickedness has been sowed in the earth and the angels are told to go ahead and reap the harvest of lost people on the earth.

   Hosea 10:12 God says that when we soften our hearts and sow the seeds of righteousness we will reap His mercy and His righteousness.

   Isaiah 32:20 The Lord promises blessings to those that sow the Word by way of world missions.




   Mark 4:3, 8 Again God uses natural laws and Spiritual laws to show the same principle.

   Matthew 19:29 The rewards of discipleship far outweigh the sacrifices and toil involved in service.

   John 10:10 God promises us an abundant life because of what He has sewn for us. We do very little.

   Philippians 4:19 We not only get some of our needs met. God promises to meet them all.




   II Corinthians 9:6-7 God leaves no doubt that He is very aware of every cent given in His name.

   Mark 12:41-44 We see here that God not only looks at each individuals wallet, but also the heart.

   II Corinthians 8:1-4 God also looks at each individual church group as to their response to the needs of others.