May 15, 2011


   “OFFENSE” - an act of stumbling, displeasing, an insult, an act of outrage.


   I Corinthians 12:1-31 This Chapter of scripture combines the subjects of the church of Christ, Spiritual gifts, and the unity of believers. It is obvious to the reader that Jesus Christ wanted us to realize the importance of believers to not only maintain our relationship with Him, but also maintain a good relationship with all the members of His body.

   John 17:20-21 The unity of believers is very important to Jesus because the love and unity that is shown within His church is what will ultimately be what proves to the world that Jesus is the Christ.




   Psalms 119:165 As we look at the verses in the Bible that contain the admonition to take no offense, we should be able to recognize that taking offense actually is a spiritual flaw in our walk with God.

   Isaiah 26:3 Looking closely we can see that by studying, meditating, and focusing on the Lord and His Word we have His peace and will not be offended easily by anything inside or outside the church.

   John 14:27 Jesus tells us Himself that we do not have to suffer the pains of anxiety, fear, or trouble.

   So the Bible actually is telling us that being offended implies that there is a chink in our Spiritual armor that needs attention. To be offended, to be tripped up and stumble spiritually is effectively allowing Satan to have access to our Spiritual life and put us at Spiritual risk to ourselves and others.

   Hebrews 12:1-2 Here we are, surrounded by this great cloud of witnesses in Chapter 11, so Chapter 12 says, “therefore”, or because of their great testimony, let's not stumble, let's not be offended by anything that might stop us from finishing our race. Then vs. 2 tells us to look at the example Jesus gave us regarding how He handled the shame and the many offenses that were thrown at Him. How did He handle all the offenses? He just let them go because He had His race to finish for God's glory.

   Hebrews 12:3 Here we find the admonition to consider how He handled offenses and use Him as our shining example “lest we become weary and discouraged in our souls”.




   I Corinthians 10:32; 11:1 Paul admonishes us to not give offense in or out of the church. He tells us that how we respond or communicate sometimes will impact others response to the work of the Lord.

   Proverbs 18:19 This verse from Solomon has incredible implications, not only to someone who might be offended by what we say or do, but also to the one who has made the offense.  

   Luke 17:1 The Lord warns us that offenses are part of life. Sometimes we give them knowingly or unknowingly towards others, sometimes they will come our way, on purpose or accidentally.

   Luke 17:2 This verse is generally misinterpreted. As we scrutinize this verse we can understand that the “little ones” are not little children but are immature Christians. If we come to the understanding that Jesus is talking about immature Christs, then we must also confess that if we can be offended easily or often get our feelings hurt, we are then considered immature Christians by our Lord.

   Romans 14:13-15:1 Paul gives us warnings regarding judgment towards others or towards ourselves. He also tells us that we must be careful not to offend our brothers and sisters by unwittingly doing or saying something that might cause someone to stumble or fall away from the right path. Also, he tells us in 15:1 that if we must bear something that may be displeasing to us or offensive, because we understand God's Word and have matured into adult Christians, we will bear it without being offended and without having a negative attitude toward the brethren.