May 8, 2011


   Proverbs 31:28 A mother who listens to God's Word and follows His teachings will be rewarded and their children will be greatly blessed. Let's examine the lives and problems of some of the mothers of the Bible. God gives them for examples to us all in order to learn the ways and blessings of God.




   Genesis 3:1-13 The story of the fall of man and the beginning of the curse of sin. Both Adam and Eve made excuses for their sin but paid the price by losing paradise and having to face death. Also, in verse (21) we see the first blood sacrifice in the Bible for the “covering” of their sin.

   Genesis 4:1-8 The story of the first children born to Eve, Cain and Able. Like any good mother, Eve loved them both. Surely she must have borne much sorrow and grief along with the guilt of knowing that her unfaithfulness to God's Word allowed this to ultimately take place.




   Genesis 16:1-4 Here we have the story of Abraham and his wife Sarah who was barren. She gave her Egyptian servant Hagar to Abraham for a wife in order for him to have a son. Hagar bore a son named Ishmael who became the father of the Arab nations.

   Genesis 16:5-6 Realizing her mistake in giving Hagar to Abraham, Sarah was upset and began to be hateful and cruel to Hagar and her son Ishmael and this continued for many, many years.

   Genesis 21:1-14 After God showed grace and kindness toward Sarah by giving her a baby boy by Abraham, Sarah continued to be hateful and abusive toward her servant Hagar, now wife of Abraham, and she did not want Hagar or her son Ishmael to be allowed to stay, so Abraham sent them away.

   Genesis 21:15-19 After wondering through the wilderness trying to reach Egypt, Hagar and her son were at deaths door. Rejected, distressed, desperate and weeping, Hagar came to the end of herself and prepared for the death of her son and herself. But God heard the cry of Ishmael and gave grace.

   Psalm 145:18 Many mothers find themselves in desperate situations which may or may not be their own fault. God is still calling and reaching out to despondent, exhausted and abused mothers who will call on His name. God is as close as a whispered prayer from a broken and lonely heart. He is waiting.




   Exodus 2:1-4 The story of Moses is a miraculous one. His mother Jochebed had a big problem. All the boy babies of Jewish mothers were being killed by the Egyptians for fear of population growth by the Jewish people. By simple faith she put Moses in God's hands when she put him in the river.

   Hebrews 11:24-27 Moses grew up in a luxurious palace with everything the world had to offer. But from his real mother he learned of faith and his true identity. Moses left the wealth and power of Egypt to return to the people of God. There is no way of explaining the actions of Moses apart from his Godly mothers faith in God. She never gave up on God while Moses was away.




   Colossians 3:15 Notice the word “let”. Let means it can happen if we will allow it to happen.

   Colossians 3:16 Again we must “let” the Word of God rule our lives through study and meditation.

   Colossians 3:17 Make the commitment to live God's way in every part of your life every day.