April 10, 2011


( Hosea 10:12)


   Hosea 10:1-10 Fallow ground is a piece of ground that has been used effectively for sowing and reaping a harvest in the past. However, due to inactivity and being left to itself for a time, the ground becomes hard and rutty. The spiritual circumstances for Israel at the time of Hosea writing these verses is indicative of the condition of the church in America today.

·         Verses 1-5 These verses indicate the wicked rebellion of the people indicated by their selfishness, their turning away from God and turning to idol worship.

·         Verses 6-11 These verses indicate the coming judgment of God because of their wickedness.

·         Verse 12 This verse gives them their only hope. Return to God in repentance by softening up their hearts in order to receive His mercy and righteousness. What can America do???




   Psalm 143:5 We must remember the former days when God blessed His church and the church of Jesus Christ was on fire for the Lord and the people of the land respected righteousness. The fallow ground of America was once a fruitful, spiritual land that was blessed by God.

   Revelation 2:5 The American church of Jesus Christ must remember what we have lost.

Proverbs 22:28; Revelation 3:2 The church must remember and fortify the fundamentals of the faith. We must keep on teaching and preaching the foundational truths of God's word.




   Nehemiah 1:1-7 Like Nehemiah, we must not think that someone else will get filled with the Spirit and wake up the church. We must all take responsibility to help get God's church back on track.

   Acts 9:6 Paul had been going 100% straight out for the wrong cause until Jesus called him and told him that he wanted him to go 100% in the other direction. We must not refuse the call to be submissive to the Lord and give our strength and resources to Him because that is the least we can do for Him.

   Hosea 10:11b; Psalm 34:18 It is up to us to prepare the ground, (break up the “clods”) once again in order that the seed of God's word can be sewn correctly and profitably in the hearts of unbelievers.

   Colossians 4:2-4 One of the ways we prepare the field is by praying that the word would be declared plainly and powerfully by those that will sow the seed.

   Mark 4:3-8 We must remember that it is our responsibility to sow the seed of God's word. When the ground is prepared correctly, some of the seed will fall into good ground and take root and bare fruit.




   Deuteronomy 4:26-29 The plight of America is what these verses are depicting. Israel went down this path several times with devastating consequences. Could America be far behind?

   Isaiah 55:6 There may come a time when God puts the American church on a shelf because of our halfheartedness and our selfishness towards the things of the world.

   Acts 17:27 This is a very strange verse of scripture. It speaks to the nations of the world, but also speaks to the church. God's desire and in His divine providence has put into the heart of mankind to seek after God. The church has the responsibility to sow the seed of the word of God into the fields of the world that people might have the opportunity to receive Christ through the Gospel message. Today the church is cold and indifferent to the needs of the world. We must plow up the fallow ground.