April 3, 2011


(Psalm 51:12)


   Restore - To give back, to bring back to a former state, to re-establish something that has passed.

   Revival – To activate, to restore, to bring back to life or quicken, to renew.

   Psalm 85:6 The Psalmist asks the Lord for revival, a return to former spiritual joy for his nation, knowing full well that the loss of spiritual joy has befallen the nation because of their sin.

   Philippians 4:4 Having joy doesn't mean we go around laughing constantly, but spiritual joy is the natural, happy response to God's wonderful grace that we have received through Jesus Christ God's Son. Our Lord wants us to have lives that are filled with joy.

   Luke 15:5 Throughout the New Testament Jesus shows us the soul winners joy that we should have.

   Luke 10:1, 17 There should be joy in our service to Christ wherever that may be.




   Matthew 6:12-14 Seeking revival or restoration means that we start with ourselves. We must realize that the problem starts with turning away from sin and turning towards God. Have we issues with our brothers and sisters that might be taking a toll on relationships with them and our standing with God?

   Matthew 6:31-34 Have we got caught up with the concerns of the world more than concern for the more important things of life.

   Acts 20:35 Do we focus too much on our own selfishness without taking care of those who have needs that they cannot bare by themselves? Sometimes we ignore what we know we should address.




   Psalm 1:1-2 Certainly, one of the most important issues that will steal our joy and fellowship with the Lord is lack of bible study. If we take the time to follow vs.2 we will not have problems with vs.1.

   Joshua 1:8 Contrary to the “new” way of teaching in the “post modern” churches of today, God wants us to meditate on more than one word or one phrase. His command is that we meditate on His word;  when we do we can claim the promises that are given here, but when we don't, He won't!! 

   II Timothy 2:15 This is the third scripture that tells us to study upon God's word. As we read the bible it is worth noting that seldom if ever we are told just to read the word. The promises come from the study and meditation on God's word.




   Ephesians 6:18-19 The second most important factor in our restoration and revival is our prayer life.

How many of us Christians are “always praying in the Spirit” for each other and especially for the lost?

   I John 5:14-15 Do we pray with confidence, always making sure we are in His will for what we ask?




   John 4:24, Proverbs 14:12 Most of us think that every time we come to church that we are worshiping God. Little do we know that God will not accept worship that comes from those that are not ready to worship correct.

   Hebrews 12:28-29 There are several instances throughout the bible where God does not accept the worship that is offered to Him. Worship is the last step in restoration. We must prepare ourselves to worship or to be restored and revived if we have any hope of getting our joy back.