March 20, 2011


   The NA movement is a free flowing spiritual movement with a network of believers and practitioners who share similar beliefs and practices, which they incorporate into whatever main stream religious organization that they follow.




   NA teaching became popular in the U.S. During the 70's. Its roots are traced to many sources such as:

   Astrology, Channeling, Hinduism, Gnostic tradition, Spiritualism, Wicca, and other Pagan type traditions. The NA movement started in the U.K. in the 60's where these beliefs were well established.

   Recent surveys of U.S. Adults indicate many Americans hold at least some of the NA beliefs.

·         8% believe in Astrology as a method of foretelling the future.

·         7% believe that crystals are a source of healing or energizing power.

·         9% believe that Tarot Cards are a reliable source for life decisions.

·         11% believe that God is a “state of higher consciousness that each person can reach”.

·         8% believe that God is defined as “the total realization of personal, human potential”.

·         3% believe that each person is actually God.




   Many of the listed fundamental beliefs are held by the NA people; they are encouraged to “shop around” for beliefs and practices that they feel most comfortable with.

·         Monism: All that exists is derived from a single source of divine energy.

·         Pantheism: All that exists is God; God is all that exists. They seek God within the 'self'.

·         Reincarnation: After death we are reborn and live another life as a human over and over again.

·         Karma: The good and bad things we do are calculated after death and that determines what kind of person we are reincarnated into.

·         Aura: Each person has an energy field radiating from their body that determines that persons spiritual and physical health.

·         Personal Transformation: An intense mystical experience that will lead the person to the acceptance and the use of NA beliefs and practices.

·         Ecological Responsibility: A belief in the importance of uniting to preserve the health of the earth, which is often looked upon as Gala, (Mother Earth) a living entity.

·         Universal Religion: Since all is God, all religions are simply different pathways to the ultimate goal. There is no one true path so they are looking for a one world religion to unite all religions.

·         New World Order: As the Age of Aquarius unfolds the NA will develop. There will be a one world government, an end of all wars, disease, hunger, pollution, and poverty.




   Although there are many practices among the NA members, not all are practiced by each person.

·         Channeling: A method used by a Spiritist in which the spirit of a dead individual is called up.

·         Crystals: The NA person believes that crystals formed in a particular pattern can heal them.

·         Meditating: A process of blanking out the mind or releasing oneself, often aided by chanting.





·         Astrology: The belief that the stars and planets predict the individuals future and personality based on the time and place of their birth.

·         Divination: The use of various techniques to foretell the future; including Pendulum movement, Runes, Tarot Cards, etc.

·         Holistic Health: This is a collection of nontraditional healing techniques that attempts to cure disorders in the mind, body and spirit. These techniques include acupuncture, crystal healing, homeopathy, massage therapy, psychic healing, various meditation methods, etc.

·         Human Potential Movement: In order to help advance a person spiritually a collection of methods are used. These methods include Primal screaming therapy, Yoga, Transcendental meditation, etc.




(1)   New World order (2) Universal credit card system (3) World food authority (4) World Health Authority (5) World water authority (6) Universal tax system (7) Universal military draft system (8) Abolish Christianity, Judaism, Islam (9) One world leader





·         Saved means we need to be brought forth from ignorance and lack of knowledge.

·         Sin is non-existent, there is only incorrect understanding of truth.

·         Redemption is unnecessary because of the absence of sin, therefore there's no need of Christ.

·         Hell is not a literal place but an experience here on earth.

·         God is not a personal heavenly Father but an impersonal force.

·         Salvation is self achieved through understanding your natural goodness with proper knowledge.   




·         Romans 5:12 It does not teach that man is a sinner.

·         James 1:17 It does not teach that we are totally dependent on God for all things.

·         Revelation 20:11-15 It does not teach that there is a penalty for sin that is eternal punishment.

·         John 14:6 It does not teach that Jesus Christ is the only way to God.

·         II Timothy 3:16 It does not teach that the bible is the absolute truth about all things of God.