March 13, 2011




   Exodus 3:5 When Moses went up the mountain to see the burning bush he was told by God to “put of thy shoes” because he was standing in the presence of God.

   Joshua 5:13-15 When it came time for the nation to take Jericho, Joshua was met by the Lord in the way and was told to “loose thy shoe from off thy foot” because he was standing in the presence of God.

   II Samuel 15:30 When David was seeking God's help as he approached Mt. Olivet, he went to worship with his shoes off his feet out of respect for God.




   Ruth 4:5-10 In this famous Old Testament piece of history, we see that the simple act of removing ones shoe had great significance. In relinquishing of property rights from one owner to another the exchange of the shoe is of great importance.

   Deuteronomy 25:7-9 In the Old Testament Law the removing of a mans shoe by the wife of a husband who had died had to be done a certain way in the front of witnesses in order to be correct.

   Deuteronomy 11:23-24 In the Old Testament it was the custom of the people to pace off the perimeters of the land they wished to claim. This tradition was called “putting their foot” on the land.

   Acts 7:5 When Stephen was giving the history of the Jewish people in his defense he alluded to the same tradition regarding Abraham when he reminded the people that God did not allow Abraham to “not so much as to set his foot on” the land that was promised to him and his seed.




   Zechariah 14:4 This prophecy of Christ's second coming is within the same thought process regarding the significance the bible places on the feet and the shoes signifying ownership.

   Isaiah 66:1 When the Lord says that “the earth is my footstool” He is saying that everywhere His   foot rests belongs to Him.




   The lesson is that the shoes represent the act of treading upon the land and the subsequent possession of that land. Moses was not only taking his shoes off out of respect, but to acknowledge that the land he was on belonged to God. Joshua was to acknowledge the land of Jericho belonged to God also.

   For we as Christians, to stand in the presence of God is to relinquish all claims to “our possessions” in anticipation of a home in heaven and rewards at the Judgment Seat of Christ. We are to recognize that everything belongs to Him and is to be used by Him for the furtherance of His glory.




   Ephesians 6:15 We are not to walk around barefooted. We are to put on the “new shoes” that we can only get from our Lord's shoe store. The shoes we wear are special “one size fits all” specials.

   II Corinthians 5:18-19 Our shoes consist of the message to the world of “reconciliation with God”.

   Romans 10:15 When we “put off” the old permanent shoes of worldly possessions for the “new shoes of reconciliation” our feet turn into beautiful feet for our Lord.