February 20, 2011


   James 3:6 Let's start off by confessing our sin; we've all gossiped and listened to gossip.

Let's also admit that when the gossip is about ourselves or someone we care about, it hurts us deeply.

   Prov. 6:12-14 Those that say “ I don't partake of gossip” often mean they don't add too or spread what they hear. A flick of the hand, a shrug of the shoulders, a  look from your eye all give negative messages that can agree with the gossip without saying a word.




   Prov. 18:19 When gossip starts in the church and the victim hears about it, often times they become very angry, ashamed, betrayed and often will leave the church because they feel they cannot associate with their 'brethren' if such things are thought about them.

   Prov. 18:8 When we hear some dirt about someone the words go deep down inside us and are often brought back to our memory every time we see the person regardless of the truthfulness of the gossip.




   Psalm 64:3-4 The bible could not be any clearer, gossip is like shooting an arrow at someone from a secret place. The meaning is that the person receiving the 'arrow' does not expect it from the shooter.

   Prov. 28:25; 29:22 Strife (in competition, quarreling) amongst us comes from the expression of       inward anger and pride.

   Prov. 16:28 Gossip therefore, is a way of expressing our anger or pride toward someone else. We gossip or slander someone in order to make ourselves look better or feel better about self.

   Prov. 26:21-22 As the gossip spreads through the church, the mounting arrows and darts thrown at the person of concern is actually wounding and killing that persons relationship with the church body.

   Prov. 6:16-19 There is no mistaking what God thinks about us when we have anything to do with gossiping, speaking lies, and causing strife about anyone, especially the brethren.




   Leviticus 19:16-18 The many follow-up passages in Proverbs and other books are all basically based on these few verses from what Moses wrote. The fact this portion of scripture is expanded on so much in Proverbs indicates there was a major problem in the Old Testament as well as the New Testament.

   Prov. 25: 9-10 Gossip often times can backfire on a person. Most people will recognize one who is a gossiper because of the 'bad reputation' the person has gained. Infamy- ( very bad reputation, disgrace).

   Romans 16:17-18 The sin of gossip not only upsets the victim but it upsets the whole church body.

   Prov. 17:9 Gossiping about someone's sin implies that we choose not to forgive (cover) the sin.




   I Timothy 5:19 Do not accept or repeat a complaint against a leader if not verified by several others.

   Prov. 20:19 The gossiper entices others to gossip; they reveal secrets and elicit secrets. God tells us to 'separate yourself from them'.

   Mathew 18:15 This command should be taken seriously. Instead of gossiping about a brother or sister why not go to them and help them out of their trouble. When we don't help, we don't really care.

   Exodus 23:7 God gave His law concerning 'slander' or gossip. Basically He is saying  just say “I don't want to hear about it”. God says not to slay ( gossip, slander) the innocent and the righteous.