Psalm 37:7

January 30, 2011




   Isaiah 64:4: I Corinthians 2:9 Waiting on God is not necessarily stopping everything we do, it is submission to God's better way. It is allowing our life to be brought under God's authority and not our own. It is seeking to find a more beneficial direction that will turn out better for us in the end.

   What can we learn while we wait? We can learn that if He is in charge of all the details, He will not forget any of them. We will find that His timing is perfect though it may seem like an eternity. We will find out that The Holy Spirit is focusing on us when we didn't realize He was working. We will find out that His grace really is sufficient, and that in the end, He gives confirmation that He is always with us.




   Isaiah 40:31 Truly one of the most quoted verses in the Old Testament but one that holds promises that not only must be claimed by faith, but are met with some skepticism by those that are the most in need. When the storms of life come upon us,  in sickness, tragedy, failures, disappointments, or loss, God wants us to believe that we can rise above them by giving our every care to Him ( I Peter 5:7).

   Isaiah 41:10 If we can just hold tight and have faith that God ,our wonderful Father, will keep His promise to strengthen us when we are weak and discouraged.  




   Isaiah 30:18 What can it mean to us when we wait for God? As we wait on Him, He can accomplish much in our lives. He searches our heart while we wait for His answer. We may find new purpose in life, our faith can be increased and we can find fulfillment as we see God move in our lives for our good. We must remember that waiting does not mean wasting.

   Mark 1:40-42 God promises us compassion when we deserve condemnation. His promise is that He does not give us what we deserve but gives us love instead of disgust.

   Joel 2:13 When we wait on God for answers and encouragement, when He sees that we are repentant

it is His good pleasure to show us His mercy, His kindness, and His grace.




   Psalm 25:4-5 We wait by taking the necessary time to pray and seek His perfect way and His perfect truth for our lives. He wants to hear from us, especially when we are hurting.

   Psalm 27:14 We wait with strong hearts for the Lord in faith and in full anticipation of receiving His strength according to His promise.

   Psalm 40:1-2 We wait with patience, knowing full well that the same God who saved us and brought us out of darkness will hear our pray and give us the direction that is best for us ( Romans 8:28).  

   Psalm 123:1-4 We will wait with great expectation that God will hear us and answer our prayer and show us mercy because there are those that cause us to be distressed and heaviness.