December 19, 2010


   Ecclesiastes 3:1-4 The Bible does not ever tell us that we will never experience grief or pain of  losing a loved one. Just the opposite is true, the Bible tells us that we will definitely have some hard, mournful times while here on earth, but there is hope and help through God's word for when that time comes to us.

   John 11:33-35 While during His earthly ministry our Lord showed His concern and love for His friends and the Jewish nation by feeling the pain of their loss. If Jesus had pain and sorrow, so will we.

   Genesis 37:32-35; II Samuel 12:15-23 Bible examples are for our learning that we can see that we are not alone in our sorrow and grief.




   Although we may go through the process differently, those who study the grieving process and try to help those people who are stricken with a great potential loss or the termination of life by a loved one, there seems to be different stages of the grieving process we all must go through.

   Denial and isolation: People sometimes tend to self-deny the loss of their loved one. They feel numb and reality is hard to accept.

   Blame: Often times when a loved one dies we tend to blame someone, or ourselves for the loss.

   Anger: It is the “why me” syndrome, “why did he leave me alone?” Anger can be focused on others.

   Bargaining: God, if you will just give us more time I'll be good, I promise to serve you.

   Depression: We become separated from people, we get quiet, sad and depressed, not talking much.

   Acceptance: We finally accept the fact of the loss, We accept the grief and get on with our life.




   Psalm 116:15 When the time comes for us or a love one to leave this present life, we have the confidence that God is watching and waiting for one of His children to come home.

   Luke 23:43 Life does not stop with death as we know it down here. Jesus promised paradise immediately following our last breath.

   I Corinthians 2:9 Though we do not think of it in terms of gladness, there is a great surprise waiting for any and all of God's children when we finally leave this old world behind.

   Psalm 68:5 We don't ever have to go through sorrow and grief alone. God is our Father and loves us.

   Proverbs 15:25 God makes it plain over and over in His word that He will help us in our sorrow.




   II Corinthians 1:3-4 We must never believe that our sorrow or grief is useless. God will bless in it.

   Romans 8:28 Do not ever forget that God will take everything that happens and turn it into something good if we trust Him with our life.

   Hebrews 1:13-14 As we go through the trials of this life, not only is Christ with us along with the Holy Spirit, we have angels around us (Luke 16:22) at all times that are ministering to us and for us.

   I Thessalonians 4:13-18 Paul gives us great hope and consolation regarding  grief as he comforts those in this church regarding those loved ones that have died and gone on to heaven. It is only a temporary separation from them, we will be re-united with them in heaven or during the rapture.