December 5, 2010


   Romans 10:13-15 These few verses of scripture should resound loudly in our hearts and minds as the Lord's return gets closer and closer every day. The most important thing every Christian must know is that people all over the world are dying by the thousands every day without ever trusting our Lord. Why do they die without knowing the Lord? Why do they refuse heaven?




   Hosea 4:6 One of the most profound statement that the bible ever makes is thus verse of scripture. God is talking about His people. He talks of His people being destroyed and rejected by Him because of their rejection of His word. The saddest portion of the scripture is that which tells us that it is the children that will pay the price for the sins of the parents.

   Isaiah 59:1-8 Here we see that the people's ignorance of God shows in their life style. We can see America all over in these verses; Willful sin, violence in the land, lies, taking pleasure in doing evil, and shedding innocent blood, no good judgment and no peace.

   Jeremiah 5:4 Jeremiah says that they are spiritually poor and foolish in our ways when we do not or know not the ways of God.

   Romans 10:3 When people refuse to know the ways of God they are really establishing their own righteousness and living in their own pride. This brings the destruction of god upon them.

   Jeremiah 8:7 Why is it the animal kingdom recognizes and obeys God but most of the human race does not believe in the judgments that God has for the lost who refuse to hear Him?

   John 4:10 This story illustrates just how close eternal life is to those lost people who rub elbows with Christians every day but are ignorant of the scriptures. Why don't we tell them?




   Job 21:14-15 Job is talking like he is with us today. He talks of those that do not have any need of God because they are counting on their own abilities and good fortune and do not need God.

   Zechariah 7:8-12 Those that are boastful, prideful, and have power do not seek after God's truth. Instead of showing the mercy and justice that the Lord would have them show to others they refuse.

   Matthew 13:15 Hanging on to tradition and a religion causes millions of lost people to refuse God's truth and thus make the decision to go to hell instead of having eternal life in Christ Jesus.

   Romans 1:28 After hearing and knowing the truth of God, many refuse to repent and turn from their sin. They choose to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season rather enjoying ever lasting life in heaven.

   II Peter 3:5 Even though there is easy access to God's word, many exchange the truth of the bible for science or archeology and walk by sight rather than faith.

   Deuteronomy 6:10-12 As we look at these final scriptures, I am reminded that Paul wrote that “ all these things were written for our example”. America, and the church of Jesus Christ has forgotten how this country came into existence. We have forgotten that it took prayer, sacrifice, and many millions of  people giving their money and their lives to help this country become what it became. We had better remember verse 12 where God says “beware lest thou forget the Lord”.