November 28, 2010


   As the season has gone from summer to fall and into the early part of winter I have found myself repairing and mulching the few fruit trees we have on the property. It is a clear reminder that I have neglected some basic responsibilities in my horticultural performance during the past growing season that if handled correctly could have helped bring forth much more fruit during harvest time.




   Galatians 5:22-23 Paul gives us a list of what he calls “the fruits of the Spirit”. These fruits represent the characteristics of what should be the outpouring ( and in-pouring)  of a Christians life style.

   Matthew 13:8, 23 Matthew writes that in order to bring forth fruit a person must first receive proper seed and understand how to cultivate the seed properly and then we can expect to harvest some fruit.

   Psalms 92:13-14 The psalmist gives us encouragement to keep on serving and keep on planting good seed into good ground so that even in our old age we can “bring forth fruit”.

   John 15:16 For the Christian to question whether or not he or she has the time or if they have the ability to bare fruit is not left for us to question. Jesus tells us that it was Him that chose us and ordained us to “go and bring forth fruit”.

   Romans 7:4 Paul tells us that because we belong to Jesus we ought to bring forth fruit unto God.

   Colossians 1:10 Paul tells the Colossian church that if we are to walk worthy and be pleasing to the Lord we should be bringing forth spiritual fruit through good works.




   Mathew 3:8 If we say that we are Christians then we should no longer be living in sin and be comfortable in that life style.

   Matthew 7:16-20 There is little doubt that we can determine if a person is walking in the Spirit or walking in the flesh by how they are living and what they are producing from the seed they sow.

   Luke 13:7 I believe that Jesus is teaching us that God does have patience with us regarding fruit bearing. However, this lesson shows that He will reach a point when it becomes time to take action if the fruit tree continues to be fruitless.

   John 15:8 A clear definition of a disciple of Christ is one that bears “much fruit”, not someone who just claims Jesus as savior.

   James 3:17-18 Though James is known for his abruptness and straight forwardness, in these passages he is reminding us of the loving characteristics of those who would be wise in bearing much fruit.




   Psalm 1:1-3 In order for us to produce fruit, we must cultivate our lives and our hearts by saturating ourselves with God's word and staying separated from any evil influences of the world.

   John 12:24 A great truth is found throughout the scriptures regarding dying to self. Unless the seed of any plant is buried into the ground, (signifying death), it will not bring forth any life. However, if it is buried, if it dies to itself, God will give it what it needs in order for the seed to bring forth fruit.

   John 15:5 When we abide in Christ and are totally dependent on Him, He will give the grace and power for us to bring forth much fruit, but without Him we can do nothing.