November 7, 2010


   I John 2:15-16 In these two verses we have a serious, grave warning from the Apostle John, not to the lost person who happens to inadvertently or accidentally read this portion of scripture, but to the mature and strong Christians. We must give great heed to the three pointed message he sends to us.




   James 4:1-5 James is giving a blistering admonishment to those who will allow the world around them to control their attitudes and their daily lives. Most people who read this portion of scripture do not realize that he is talking to believers: (James 1:2, 16, 2:1, 5, 3:1, 10, 4:11).

   II Timothy 4:10 Unfortunately for Demas, he has become a byword for someone who has given way to the sensual pull of the things of the world. He was not always carnal but was once a co-laborer with Paul and others: ( Colossians 4:14; Philemon 24). There are many thousands of Christians like Demas.




   Ephesians 4:21-24 Paul states over and over from Romans  to Colossians we must daily make the decision to not feed the “old man” that sin nature from Adam, but feed the “new man” after God.   

   I Peter 2:11 Peter says we are to abstain (refrain, stop, hold back) from fleshly, impure, sexual things that draw us to ungodliness. He says those things are at war (Ephesians 6:12) with our very soul.

   Romans 13:14 In this verse Paul tells us not to make provision (provide for, stock up, supply) for the sin of the flesh.

   Colossians 3:5 Paul tells us that in order to subdue the flesh we must mortify ( put to death, use extreme discipline) on our members (our senses; eyes, ears, smell, taste, touch) while we are alive.




   Matthew 5:28 Most of the sinful desires of this world come through the eye gate. We see something that appeals to us because of our likes and comfort zone and we begin the downward process of sin.

   Genesis 13:10-13 The sad story of Lot has been told countless of times but the lesson intended has escaped most Christians. Lot saw with his eyes what he thought would give him and his family a better life. He either did not check out the “cities of the plain”, or thought a 'small' compromise would work.

   Joshua 7:21 The lesson of Achan should teach us that seeing a easy way to make more money, get our finances in better shape by cheating or stealing one time can come with a tremendous cost to us.

   Matthew 14:22-25, 28-31 Jesus taught Peter and the rest of the Apostles a good lesson in this story. When everything is going well and we do not “see” any problems or issues that might bring us down, our faith is great and we are on the mountain top. When things don't look so good and we can't control the circumstances, our faith sinks like Peter. The bible reminds us that we “walk by faith not by sight”.




   Proverbs 11:2; 16:18 King Solomon wrote that with pride comes shame, a fall, and destruction.

   II Kings 5:11 Naaman thought that he had a better way and didn't like the lack of pomp he deserved.

   Esther 3:5 Haman wanted more respect and reverence. His great ambitions and pride got him killed.

   Daniel Nebuchadnezzar was filled with himself. He took all the credit for his success and kingdom.