October 31, 2010


   Hosea 4:6 This verse of scripture reaches across the millenniums of time and speaks of those that ignore the scriptures, rejected the scriptures and have forgotten the scriptures. The consequences for each of the reasons for not following God's word is catastrophic for those that choose disobedience.




   Jeremiah 5:4 There are those that are in spiritual poverty and are called foolish because they don't know God or His ways so they don't know the judgment that comes from God to those who are lost.

   Micah 4:2 By not knowing the scriptures, those that are lost don't know what God thinks about neither do they know the counsel of God that is all throughout His bible.

   Romans 10:1-4  People, denominations, and religions throughout history have tried to establish rules and regulations to help them be  “good enough” to go to heaven because they refuse to obey the bible.

   Ephesians 4:17-19 There are those that refuse to listen and hear God's word because they have given themselves over completely to sin and wickedness. Their heart is calloused and blind toward God.

   Acts 17:23 There are many so called “Christian denominations” today that are taught to worship idols that are man made figures of Old Testament saints, and continue to pray to the dead instead of to God.




   Job 21:14-15 It is unbelievable that some people have the attitude described here. They willingly accept the fact that God exists but don't want His knowledge or the profit from praying to Him.

   Matthew 13:15 As in the days of the Lord, people today willfully refuse to hear or to see that God's way is the right way. They have no desire to be saved and repent from their sin and know God.

   Romans 1:28-32 This portion of scripture shows us the total depravity of those that willingly have heard God's word but reject it totally. They are well aware of the penalty and judgment for their sin but desire to enjoy their sin to the fullest and ignore the consequences.

   II Peter 3:3-7 Knowing what the bible says and not taking it seriously, there are many who become “scoffers” (mockers) of God's word and what it tells us about God and His power and the future.




   Psalms 9:17 This scripture is very revealing because it not only talks of the lost, sinful people who refuse to be saved, but tells of nations that turn from God. Unfortunately, within the nations that choose to forget God there are many believers that suffer the consequences with the nations that are punished.

   Deuteronomy 6:12 Often times when prosperity comes to an individual, a family, or a nation, the tendency is to begin to rely on our own resources and forget where we came from and how far God has brought  us from our sin and our despair.

   Revelation 2:2-4 Writing to the church at Ephesus, Jesus tells them that they have forgotten their first love. What He is saying is that we can be very busy “doing and serving” but often times we have forgotten the One we are doing and serving for. He warns us to make Him the focus of our service and worship or all our service and work is in vain and will not be accepted.