October 24, 2010

    Acts 3:1-8 This recorded true story of a beggar man not only is a story of faith and deliverance for this particular destitute beggar but is an exact picture of every lost person regarding their soul.



                     (vs.2) The beggar expected to continue to be destitute, lonely and helpless for the rest of his life.

                     (vs.7-9) Instead of staying a cripple and destitute, he was immediately healed and happy.

                     Isaiah 59:2 God shows us that we are all destitute when we are lost sinners without Christ.

                     Romans 10:9 When we trust and confess Christ we are no longer destitute and lost but are saved from sin and the power of the devil.

                     John 14:2 Instead of living in rags without the daily comforts of home, this beggar will be living with Jesus in the city where Jesus is preparing a mansion for His believers.

                     Romans 8:17 He expected to continue to be poor but will receive an inheritance from God. 



                     (vs.2-3) Because the beggar was laid at the gate of the Temple he expected at the very least to get a little sympathy from those that entered the Temple for worship.

                     (vs.6-8, 16) Instead of a word of encouragement he received the Word of God and a message about Christ with a dose of God given faith and he was given his life back. He believed and received the gift of eternal life through Christ.

                     John 5:2-9 The beggar in our story is just like the man at the pool of Bethesda. He was physically and spiritually crippled, helpless, and depressed because no one would help him.

We were all in the same condition before Jesus met us in a personal way and made us whole.



                     (vs.2-5) The beggar thought that all hope was lost and that his only way of survival was to beg for small donations of money or food in order to sustain himself from day to day. His greatest expectation from Peter and John was a little bit of money.

                     (vs.7-13, 16) Instead of a few pieces of money the beggar received a miracle from God and became a living wonder for Christ to those people who knew him and saw the miracle.

                     Matthew 19:23 Jesus warns us throughout the Gospels about having riches but not being rich toward God.

                     I Timothy 6:9 Could it be that God does not allow too many people to have the riches of this world because it would lead to dependence upon material things and forgetting about Him?

It might very well be that this poor, crippled beggar may never have been saved if he were not born crippled, poor and destitute.

                     Revelation 3:15-17 Here Jesus is talking to a church that actually represents the time period that we are living in. Because of the material wealth of the people in this church Jesus says that they have not repented, they are blind to the scriptures and are spiritually naked, (not having the righteousness of Christ) and they make Him sick. They have a form of Godliness but no power.