October 17, 2010




   I John 3:1 John tells us three things in this verse; (1) God has bestowed (to give, to place upon) us a peculiar, out of this world kind of love (2) He has made us His sons and daughters (3) the world around us cannot understand what or who we are in Him because they do not know Him.

   John 3:16 Here God shows us a love so deep that we cannot understand it. How the Holy God of all creation could love deep enough to give His Son to be tortured and brutally killed by wicked men and for wicked, worthless, sinful people is far beyond our comprehension. His loving kindness toward this sinful world by means of death for His only begotten Son proves to us it was the only way for peace.

   Romans 5:8 God's love was commended (entrusted, transmitted, committed ) to us even while we were strangers and sinners because Jesus Christ paid the price for our sins.

   Galatians 2:20 Those believers who begin to understand the great love that God has given to us have a desire to live for God and not for the world. The “old man” must be crucified daily while the “new man” strives to serve our Lord each day.




   Matthew 11:28-30 God's love is not a harsh, demanding love. He shows kindness, patience, and understanding to all who will listen. He offers His rest and peace to everyone, not just a few.

   Acts 13:38 Through God's love comes the forgiveness of all our sins.

   Ephesians 1:7 Because of His great love toward us, we have been redeemed ( purchased, bought back) from the penalty of sins because of “the riches of His grace”.

   Titus 3:5 God makes it perfectly clear in this verse and many others that our being born again does not come about by anything we have done or anything we can do. Our redemption comes totally from His love and mercy ( pity, leniency ) by the regeneration ( spiritual rebirth ) from God Himself.




   Romans 8:35-39 Because of all that God has done through Christ for the world, there isn't anything, anyone, or any circumstances that could happen to His children that would ever separate us from the love that God has for each of us. 

   John 13:1 The hidden message behind this verse of scripture is that God's love does not depend on those people whom He loves giving Him love in return. Reviewing Matthews account of Jesus being arrested in the garden, we can see that Jesus still called Judas “friend” and we also see that ALL the disciples fled out of fear and left Jesus alone but Jesus still never stopped loving them.

   Ephesians 2:4-5 In these two verses we can see God's unconditional love for us. We see His “rich mercy” for us, we can see His “great love” for us, and we see His wonderful “grace” toward us.

   I John 2:1-2 The kind of ( “what manner of” ) love I John 3:1 is referring to is found in this verse of scripture that many do not understand. The word propitiation means – (to cause to become favorable, to win or regain the favor of God). The life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ the Son of God became the propitiation or the cause for God Almighty to be able to reconcile the world unto Himself. The unconditional love that God has for the world is found in Jesus Christ compassionate life and His sacrificial death on the cross for all of mankind.