August 22, 2010


   ( CO-OPERATION ) - The action of working together for a common purpose – Webster.


   Nehemiah 4:16-17; 4:6 As this text shows us, there are great possibilities in store for those who will join together in a positive endeavor for the Lord.

   Genesis 11:1-6 Scripture also shows us that there is great evil and destruction that can come from those who are willing to join together in order to create chaos and turmoil.




   Exodus 17:12 As this famous story shows us, sometimes leadership needs the co-operation of those around them in order to help keep positive momentum going in the right direction for the benefit of all.

   Joshua 6:1-5 During times of great movement and change within an organization or a church, for the direction to go forward the group must stay in unity and trust the leadership even when we do not fully understand the total picture.

   I Chronicles 12:38 After a long time in turmoil and disarray, in order to bring peace and meaning to a people, a business, or a church, often times the group must rally around a key individual that can bring about unity and positive purpose to a business, to a church, or even to a country.




   Acts 12:11-12 The scriptures are very clear regarding the power of prayer. When a group can be united in detailed prayer and they are right with God He will reward them even when they will be surprised when He does answer them.

   II Chronicles 7:14 The reason we are not seeing our country return to God in repentance and confession of sin is because God's people are not praying and seeking Him together with all our heart. We can have individual revival, we can have church revival, but to have national revival God tells us that it will take “His people which are called by His name” meaning ALL His people to pray and repent in order to bring revival to our country.  

   Mark 2:1-5 This bible story is a great illustration of how God wants us to co-operate together in order to be witnesses and soul winners for our Lord. It takes unity in the Spirit and co-operation together in order to bring about spiritual change in a person.

   I Corinthians 1:10 In order for a church to function as God desires it to function we must be thinking and doing the things together that are bible based regarding our doctrinal stand and there  should be no division between brethren.

   I Peter 3:8 Peter tells us that unity and co-operation within the church body is evident when we share these characteristics together: compassion for each other, love for one another, having pity on those who need pity and being courteous to one another.

   John 17:18-21 Jesus speaks of the ultimate spiritual victory for Him and His church. Unity and co-operation from Christians is the powerful witness the Holy Spirit can use to prove to the world around us that Jesus did in fact come to earth from God the Father to show God's love and care for all.