August 15, 2010




            II Timothy 1:12 The first and foremost important is that we make certain that we have committed our soul to Him by receiving Christ into our lives and become born again.

            Romans 10:9 We must realize that it takes a personal decision and a firm belief in the Gospel of Christ to be saved. This belief, trust and commitment to Christ is what we call faith.

            II Peter 3:9 God not only wants everyone to be saved, but He wants everyone to have the spirit of repentance. This term means that we are sensitive to God's desire that we do not sin, but when we do, we have a Godly sorrow and turn from our sin and turn toward God for forgiveness.




            Joel 2:12-13 God has the expectation that we will turn to Him and away from our sin in  a 100% wholehearted way. We should not ask for forgiveness with a nonchalant, uncaring, unconcerned and prideful attitude.  

            Jeremiah 29:13 When we pray and have a desire for God to help us, we must pray with and attitude of desperation and total commitment with a wholehearted attitude toward God.

            Matthew 22:37 The first and greatest commandment is that we love God with all our heart. This is something that we do not think about, however, everything we ask in prayer, everything that we do in His name is measured  through the love filter of this commandment.

            Psalm 119:2 Our expectation of blessings in our every day life depends upon our desire and motive in obedience to His word. He expects us to keep His word always in our minds and hearts as we make decisions in our daily activities.




            Psalm 23:1-6 There cannot be a more descriptive portion of scripture that shows the loving care, mercy, protection and concern that God has for each of us. He wants us to be  assured of His divine care for us and He wants us to depend 100% on Him not ourselves.

            John 10:27-29 What more could God possibly do to convince us of the total security we have in Him. Is there any being stronger, braver, purer or more honest than our Lord??

            I Peter 5:7 No one has ever told me that they wanted to carry all my worries and cares on their own shoulders so I would not have to be stressed out about them anymore, that is no one but Jesus.




            Romans 12:1 Paul reminds the Roman church and all of us that the reasonable and acceptable decision for each of us is that we give God 100% of our lives for service to Him.

            Matthew 25:14-15 Jesus tells us that everyone has been given the responsibility to be stewards of the gifts He has given us and that we are to use them for His glory.

            I Peter 4:7-10 Peter tells us that the gifts and blessings that we get from God are to be used in His service for the benefit of others in His church.