August 8, 2010


   Psalms 1: 1-6 In this well known Psalm we can see the contrast between the Godly and the

lost sinner. David talks of evil associations being wrong. He tells of spiritual fruit and prosperity

for the believer. Later in the Psalm he tells of the insecurity and fall of the sinner. The message

is clear, there is to be a separation from the friends of the world if the believer is to be blessed.


                                                            EVIL FRIENDS


   Exodus 34:11-13 At the time that God gave Moses the two tables of stone with the ten

Commandments written the second time God commanded that Israel drive out the inhabitants

of the promise land and to make no covenant or treaty with them. (See Joshua 9).

   Proverbs 24:1 Solomon warns us not to be so envious of the people of the world that we

begin to desire to have fellowship with them instead of our brethren.

   I Corinthians 5:9-11 Paul goes further than Solomon in his written letter to the Corinthian

church. Paul knew that fellowshipping with a believer that is backslidden could lead others

down the same path. By the church recognizing the sin of a believer that has been disciplined

they can attempt to bring their brethren back into fellowship if they repent.

   John 18:25 This is a great example of a believer that has lost his courage and boldness

for Christ because of his being alone with unbelievers in a unfriendly and stressful situation.

   II Thessalonians 3:6 Again we see the exhortation by Paul to this particular church to not

fellowship with some of their own members because they are not following sound doctrine.

   I Corinthians 15:33 This verse is probably the most important verse in all the bible in

regards to the believer and those we associate with. Paul puts this verse of scripture right in

the middle of his admonishment to this church regarding the doctrine of the resurrection of

Christ and the future resurrection of the believer.


                                                          GOOD FRIENDS


   Psalms 119:63 David gives us wise instruction in that when we are with believers that fear

the Lord and walk in the Spirit we will not be led down the wrong road of sin.

   Ruth 1:16 In this Old Testament portion of history we see the loving, Godly relationship

between Naomi and her daughter in law. Ruth was won over to God by the testimony of Naomi

and they became close friends and Godly companions in a fight for survival.

   I Samuel 18:1 In the long recorded story of the life of David we find some of his finest times

were when he was in fellowship with his friend Jonathan. Both of these men were intuned with

what God was doing in David's life and death struggles with Saul. Good Godly relationships

will bring out the best in us because we are in unity in spirit and truth together.

   Matthew 27:55-56 Here we find those Godly women who had been with Jesus for most of

His earthly ministry. They had together ministered to Him and for those that were His closest

friends. They are found together mourning and helping each other in a crisis moment as they

grieve for the loss of their Lord. They had a great deal in common with each other for good.

   John 11:16 When our friends are people who love the Lord and are of the same mind set

regarding spiritual matters, we have a boldness for Christ and can be greatly used of the Lord.