August 1, 2010


   Matthew 16:1-4 The spiritual leaders of the nation Israel wanted to see another sign from Jesus

in order for them to be sure that He was who He said He was. Jesus knew that no matter how

many signs they would see, they were of the mind-set that they still would not believe. In order for

anyone to make wise choices we must have discernment or correct understanding of the matter.

The saddest commentary on these Pharisees and Sadducees is found at the end of these verses

when the writer says "And He left them and departed".

   I Corinthians 2:11-14 The writer makes it clear that understanding the bible is what will help us

make good choices. Unfortunately, Christians make many choices that go against God's Word.




   John 6:37-40 Jesus tells us why He came and that He will never say no to those who seek Him.

   II Peter 3:9 The Apostle Peter in the latter days of his ministry makes the message of Christ

on repentance loud and clear. To repent is to feel so sorry for our sins that we make a change.

   Matthew 11:28-30 The Lord invites us to salvation. He promises that He will give us the rest

we desire from the burdens and hardness of the world we are living in.

   Revelation 3:20; 22:17 Jesus never stops calling and knocking at the hearts door of those who

need to be saved and are not yet on their way to heaven.




   I Corinthians 16:15-16 Paul reminds those at the church in Corinth that they have people there

who have greatly helped others in need. He encourages them to choose to serve with Stephanas.

   Matthew 25:14,15,19 In this parable Jesus makes it pretty plain as to His expectations toward

His church while He is away from us. We all have something to offer, but it is our choice to serve.

   Luke 10:30-37 This wonderful parable by Jesus shows the fundamental decision of doing good

or not doing good that was made by these three individuals. The question Jesus asks in verse 36

could just as easily been put like this, "which of these three do you think made the right choice?"




   Mark 10:17-23 In this story we see how the love of money, the lack of concern for others and

the willingness to disobey the Lord can cause one to lose blessings or even miss out on heaven.

   Luke 6:38  Jesus desires His believers to be givers and promises to bless those that have the

attitude and heart for giving.

   II Corinthians 9:7 Paul tells us that giving is a choice of the heart. Our choice is either to give

out of love and gratitude or we give with a heart that is reluctant and selfish toward God.




   Genesis 12:1 God calls Abraham to an undisclosed place away from his family with a promise

to bless him and make him great. At this time in his life Abraham was seventy five years old.

   Exodus 3:10 After being run out of Egypt and tending sheep for forty years, Moses is called by

God to be a powerful leader of an entire nation. At this time, Moses was eighty years old.

   Judges 6:12-15 At this time in his life Gideon was probably in his early twenties. God needed

a leader to help Israel get back to God and he wanted Gideon to rule Israel for Him.