July 18, 2010


   All around us people are saying the same thing that David was saying at a very low time in

his life, "no man cared for my soul". They live all around us, some even live in our homes. They

 are  our friends, our neighbors and those we spend most of the day with at work. They wonder

about us. They know we say we are Christians. They know that we go to church every week, two

maybe three times a week. They want to ask questions about the bible but don't ask because

they feel inadequate to converse about God so they wait for us to engage them about their soul.


                                                         PERSONAL CARES


   Matthew 22:1-5 Jesus taught many parables regarding future events. This parable tells of

Jesus and His kingdom. Many today that are called to serve are too busy with their business

and personal cares to bother with the Lord or others who need the Lord.

   Psalms 39:6 Though this verse was penned thousands of years ago it could be the headline of

tomorrows newspaper. People are scurrying here and there trying to make it rich in this life.

   Luke 12:16-20 The one thing that stands out in this parable is that the man that was scheming

to find a way to make more and to store it for himself was already rich, but the cares and stress

of needing more and caring for self more than God or others brought indignation from God.

   Matthew 13:22 Notice that Jesus tells us that it was not Satan that choked the word from this

person but it was "the cares of this world" (I John 2:16). The sin that stands out in this parable is

the fact that when we allow cares and worries to interfere with our service and worship, we are

actually accusing God of lying to us, see (Matthew 6:8).


                                                      OUR FATHER CARES


   Matthew 6:30-34 Again Jesus is giving us a promise that He will take care of our basic needs

if we will put Him first. The problem we have when we have issues that seem to be greater than

we can handle are the issues that we get ourselves into without proper spiritual guidance.

   Philippians 4:6 The admonition of God is for us not to be stressed or overly worried about

matters. If we would bring the issues of life to God FIRST, before we make decisions on our own

we would probably have a lot less to worry about in the first place.

   Philippians 4:19 The promise from God is to meet our needs not our wants. Most things that

are fretted about are the problems we cause after we have messed up trying to get wants instead

of our needs, then we want God to fix it for us.

   Luke 12:7 A very familiar verse but one that projects the care and love our Father has for us.

   I Peter 5:7 Just as He took all our sins away, He wants to take all our cares away by taking

them upon Himself because He loves us and doesn't want us to be full of care and stress.

   Isaiah 25:4 He is our shield, our refuge and our strength in times of our greatest need.


                                                     LOST PEOPLE CARE


   Matthew 16:26 God wants everyone to understand the value of a persons soul. Many times

at the end of a lost persons life they evaluate their lives in spiritual gains or losses.

   Ezekiel 3:17-18 Each of us have people that God has challenged us to warn and to care for.

No lost person wants to die and go to hell. God wants us "to save their life" and He cares so

much about them that He will hold us accountable for their safe passage into eternity.

   I Thessalonians 5:14 The lost person that you are thinking about right now is to be warned,

is to be comforted, is to be supported and we are to have patience with them because they

really do care where they spend eternity.

   Psalms 142:4 How many of our friends, our relatives, our co-workers will point in our direction

and cry out to the Lord at the Great White Throne Judgment that though we lived with them, and

worked with them, and were their neighbors we really did not care for their soul. Every lost

person who ever lived will care at this time but it will be to late.