June 20, 2010


   Mark 12:30 What God ultimately wants from each Christian is for us to be 100% sold out to

Jesus Christ and everything that is written in God's Word about serving Him.

   Romans 8:29 In God's wonderful plan for mankind, He pre-planned that those that would be

saved would be conformed (to have the same form) to the same image ( imitate, a representation)

of Jesus Christ.

   II Corinthians 5:14-15 Paul tells us that the only way we can be sold out is to not serve or live

for ourselves but we must live for Him who died and rose again for us. How do we go about that??

   I John 2:15-16 John tells us that the only way to live for God is to be separated from those

things that are in the everyday world that we are a part of.

   Hebrews 12:1 The writer here tells us that there will be obstacles that would hinder us from

running the race. There is also our own sin that will try to stop us from finishing our race.


                                                       LUST OF THE FLESH


   Romans 1:21, 28-32 In these verses Paul clearly tells us what happens to those that would

choose to believe and follow the flesh rather than choose God and His righteousness.

   Galatians 5:19-21, 24 The things that the flesh will produce look so ugly when we view them

in contrast to the things that the Spirit produce. However, when the lusts of the flesh creeps up

on a believer they look and feel enticing, desirable, and innocent until we are smitten in our Spirit.

   I Peter 2:11 The Apostle Peter reminds us that once we are believers we are in a Spiritual war

with the Devil and one of the devices that he uses is the enticement, the lusts of our own flesh.

   Galatians 5:16 This is a revealing verse regarding the lust of the flesh. Notice that Paul did not

say that the lust of the flesh would go away but that by walking in the Spirit we would be able to

say no to the flesh.


                                                         LUST OF THE EYE


   Genesis 3:6 When Eve began to reason and debate with Satan, she resorted back to her

human feelings, her emotions, and believing what she was hearing and seeing instead of what

God had said. Eve desired the wisdom promised by Satan instead of the peace from God.

   Genesis 13:10 The story of Lot could be a story we read in today's newspapers. Every day

decisions are made based on a promise of fortune, wealth or fame instead of being based on

prayer, bible study and fellowship within a bible based church for our families.

   Joshua 7:21 The painful account of Achan and his greed and covetousness shows the

tragedy and seriousness of the lust of the eye. God held the entire nation accountable for

one persons sin and showed His wrath against this sin by taking his family and others in death.


                                                           PRIDE OF LIFE


   Proverbs 6:16-17 Most people have the mistaken notion that God is all love and that He just

turns away from sin and does not have any real bad "feelings" about anything negative. In this

and other verses of scripture, God reveals to all the things that He hates. The word abomination

means (hateful, disgust).

   II Kings 5:9-11 The story of Naaman is a great example to everyone that will read it and ask

God for wisdom and understanding from this wonderful truth. Aman of greatness, a man that is

of great reputation wanted things done his way and not God's way and he was taught a great

lesson that we all need to get.

   Romans 12:16 Paul tells us not to have an exaggerated high opinion of ourselves but we

should voluntarily bring ourselves down to a lower level in order to be at peace with others.

   Proverbs 21:4 Solomon writes that being prideful in ones appearance and in ones heart is

simply a sin in our life that must be repented of if we want God's blessing on our life.