May 30, 2010


   II Chronicles 7:14 God places several qualifications for a good, sound relationship with Himself.

He talks of kinship, attitude, communication, desire, and sorrow for sin all keys for fellowship.

   Philippians 4:6 In this key verse regarding prayer we are told that earnestness, humility,

and a thankful heart is what God wants before we send our requests into His presence.


                                                    THE RIGHT MEDIATOR


   I Timothy 2:5 The bible tells us that we need a mediator (one who intervenes, intercedes)

in order to bring about favourable conditions between God and man.

   John 14:13-14 Because of His work as our mediator, we must pray to the Father in the name of

Jesus, the one who redeemed us and who gave to the Father a sacrifice acceptable for our sins.

   John 16:23 Jesus tells His disciples that the Father waits to hear us ask in Jesus name.


                                                    THE RIGHT ATTITUDE


   Luke 13:1-5 When presenting the Gospel to an unbeliever, the thing that we miss the most is

that God wants an attitude of repentance (an attitude of sorrow, regret, and a change in direction).

   Acts 17:30-31 Paul the Apostle did not dilute the message of repentance and the judgment for

those who will not accept the gospel of Christ.

   II Peter 3:9 The Apostle Peter preached the same message of repentance and God's grace.

   Luke 18:10-14 It is more than worth mentioning how often Jesus spoke of humility being a key

attribute of those that seek help from God in time of need.

   Luke 15:18-19 Once again Jesus uses a parable to convey what is the right attitude we must

have when we want God to hear and answer our prayers.

   Luke 18:1-8 Again Jesus uses a parable in order to help us understand patience in prayer.

Even when our prayers contain the right attitude He sometimes will make us pray and wait.


                                                      THE RIGHT FAITH


   Hebrews 11:6 The verse is very important when it comes to prayer and looking for answers.

   James 1:6-8 James teaches us that our prayers should not be with a doubtful heart but strong.

   James 2:17 James also teaches us that we should be walking and serving Christ with outward

fruits of good works to prove that our faith is real. If we do not walk in the Spirit we will not have

the faith to believe our prayers will be answered because faith comes by hearing and doing.


                                                     THE WRONG WAY


   Psalms 66:18 Keeping unconfessed and unrepentant sin in our heart assures us of not getting

any response from God.

   James 4:3 When asking in prayer for things that are for selfish motives God will not answer.

   I Peter 3:7 A spiritual law that is lightly regarded could be the obstacle that keeps our prayers

unanswered by God.


                                                      THE RIGHT WAY


   Psalms 4:3 Notice that God is interested in those that walk Godly and will hear their prayer.

   Psalms 37:4-5 The word delight means (to give great joy, to rejoice, to give great pleasure).

   I John 5:14-15 The confidence John speaks about can only come from knowing what we are

praying for is within God's will. The only way we know God's will is by studying His word.