Sunday, May 23, 2010


   It seems that all arguments about salvation always seem to boil down to these two thoughts,

(1) Saved by faith alone, (2) saved by good works. Some try to combine the two in an attempt to

satisfy both sides but it is for certain that the bible tells us what God's way is.




   Acts 16:30-32 This story of Paul and Silas at the jail in Philippi is the perfect place to show us

 how Paul would go about winning this jailor to the Lord showing us the truth about salvation.

   I Corinthians 15:1-4 There is little doubt that Paul would start with the Gospel message.

   John 3:16-17 Paul would then proceed to tell of the love of God the Father toward all the world

and that trusting in His Son would result in eternal life.

   Luke 24:46-48; II Peter 3:9 Paul would then discuss the last message and instruction from

Jesus just before His ascension into Heaven.

   Ephesians 2:8-9 Paul then shows through the scriptures that salvation is from the grace of

God through faith in Jesus Christ finished works. He certainly would stress the point that there is

nothing good from us that helps in the salvation that God offers to all.




   In the book of Romans, Paul explains in minute detail how God saves us through faith and not

by works. We cannot take this book apart detail for detail, however, we can take a small part of

what Paul taught the Romans regarding faith and we can understand the process of what Jesus

did for mankind in order for us to have the opportunity to be eternally saved.

   Romans 3:23 Paul explains in this verse that everyone is born  a sinner. Because we are

sinners we cannot be with God because of His holliness He cannot be in the presence of sin.

   Romans 3:24 Here Paul begins to show how God made it possible for sinners to be able to be

with God. Paul says we can be justified ( found not guilty) freely (haveing liberty, no restrictions)

by God's grace (unmerited favor of God) through the redemption (to buy back) by Jesus Christ.

   Romans 3:25 Here Paul talks of Jesus and His love for us all. Jesus was a propitiation

(to cause God to regain favor toward sinners) through faith (trust, full confidence) in Christ blood

for the remission (forgiveness, pardon) of our sins.

   Romans 4:20-25 Paul uses the Old Testament hero Abraham in order to show how God gives

us salvation through trusting and believing Him. The word imputed means (to charge, to appoint)

the word ritghteousness means (to be just, upright before God) and the word justification means

( we are found not guilty).

   Romans 5:8-10 These verses show that we were sinners without any hope but God showed

His love toward us by sending Jesus to die for the sins of the world (I John 2:2). Paul then talks

of us being reconciled (to make friendly) to God by Christ death on the cross.

   Romans 5:11 Paul now shows that because of what Jesus did for us we have received what

the bible calls the atonement (satisfaction of God for our wrongdoing).

   Titus 3:5 The bible is very clear that good works counts for zero in regards to salvation.

   Matthew 7:22-23 Many people depend on their good deeds today in order to please God.

   Galatians 2:16 Paul could not make it any more clear about trying to live by rules and laws.

   Ephesians 2:10 There is a place for good works. We are expected to have good works, but

good works comes after we are saved and not before.

   Romans 3:27-28 The facts are pretty clear in the bible regarding the salvation of God. He

did all that is necessary for us to be saved. God must get the credit and the glory and there

is no room for any person to boast about their good deeds or their following the ten

commandments or any other set of rules in order to be saved. Trust Christ and nothing more.