Sunday, May 16, 2010


   Confidence is a wonderful thing to have as long as it is placed on the right person, place or circumstance. Unfortunately, many people place their confidence in something or someone that eventually lets them down and gets them in a load of trouble.

   Confidence- a firm belief, a trust, an assurance, a feeling of certainty. - Webster




   Proverbs 28a Throughout God’s word He makes it very clear that trusting ourselves is wrong.

   Hosea 10:13 The fruits of self-confidence are usually shame, failure and generally we wind up hurting ourselves and those around us.

   Matthew 26:33 We see Peter boasting of himself full of courage and loyalty to the Lord. He is a good example of many of us that “think too highly of ourselves” and back off in fear when the time comes to actually come to the forefront in times of stress and trial.

   Philippians 3:3-4 If there was a person in the bible who could have confidence in himself it would be Paul. Paul was schooled and trained more than all his piers but found out that his confidence had been placed on the wrong side of what he found out to be the right way.




   Proverbs 25:19 Putting our faith and trust in one who is ungodly and unfaithful in the things of God will only bring hurt and sorrow to those who follow this kind of person.

   Isaiah 31:1 The prophet is telling us that God is not pleased when we look to others for help before turning to Him first. This is a good example for those that look to the government for help because they believe the government is big and powerful and will take care of us.

   Jeremiah 17:5 God does not take it lightly when we have confidence in others and not God.




   Mark 10:17-25 This account of the rich young ruler is very significant because of its message and because this same story is told in three of the four gospels. Obviously Jesus wanted to get His point across to those who are rich in this worlds goods and not rich toward God.

   Psalm 52:1-7 The scriptures really enlighten us as to how God sees those that have wealth and do not use it for good. I can’t help but think people like J. C. Penny must have studied the Word.

   Luke 12:16-21 This picture is not a true story, however,  Jesus is giving a true analysis of how God sees earthly wealth and generally how we see earthly wealth. The main question in this parable is how should we be “rich toward God?”




   Proverbs 3:5-8 Having confidence in God can bring guidance and health.

   Isaiah 26:3 Trusting in God can bring us the peace we often need in crisis.

   Psalms 37:3 When we trust God we have a promise to not starve because He will provide.

   Romans 10:9 We have the promise of eternal salvation when we put our trust in Christ.

   Hebrews 10:35 When we trust God and have confidence in what He says, we have the promise of a heavenly reward that awaits us when we see Him face to face.