May 9, 2010


Ephesians 6:11 If we are to be able to stand, to battle, and to war against our arch enemy the devil, we must know his tactics and the way he attacks. The word wiles means having the strategy of deceit and trickery. Godís Word has provided the believer with the very best espionage ( to spy, to observe closely) tool we could ever have. Throughout the Holy Scriptures God tells us what Satan uses to defeat Godís people and the tools he uses in order to trip us and trap us into doing things and believing things that are wrong.




   John 8:44 The devil uses slick lies mixed in with some truth in order to confuse people into believing him and doing what he wants them to do.

   Ephesians 4:27 Giving place to the Devil is giving him an opportunity to compare right from wrong  in any situation. It happens when we are depressed, sick, have hurt feelings or things just are not going well for us. He will always make the wrong way look like the best way, the way to make us feel good. I Peter 5:8 Peter tells us that Satan is always looking for inroads into our life in order to destroy us.




   Matthew 24:24 The Devil is the master of deceit. He deliberately misleads or misrepresents the truth in order to get us to believe in what he is saying. Without the knowledge of Godís Word he fools many.

   II Thessalonians 2:8-10 During the tribulation period Satan will use the anti-Christ to deceive millions into believing he is the real Christ and they will be duped into damnation.

   II Corinthians 11:9, 13-15 Satan has been at work deceiving people for thousands of years. He often uses people in the church to trick and deceive others in order to help break up churches.




   Genesis 3:1,4 We see here that Satan started his lying and deceitfulness with Eve in the garden. The word subtle means artful, crafty, shrewd and refined. The word field in scripture represents the world.

   II Corinthians 11:3-4 Some four thousand years after he deceived Eve, Paul knows that Satan is still in the business of using his subtle approach in order to bring people down into sin.




   Ephesians 6:12 The forces of spiritual evil are at work every day in our lives. We are attacked in every way and with each of our senses, eyes, ears, taste, feel and smell. He uses all media available.

   Revelation 20:7-8 Satan is so powerful that even after one thousand years of perfect righteousness on the earth with access to Jesus Christ and His glory, millions will listen and believe Satan and be doomed with the devil himself.

   Isaiah 14:16-17 Though he will be defeated in the end, he is an adversary that needs to feared because he is more than capable of making our life miserable. God is our Savior and our refuge but He wants us to know our enemy and act accordingly.